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Erase to history

If you make changes on your picture and want to revert parts of the image back to the image that was saved you can use the Erase tool (press E) and keep Alt pressed while erasing. This way the Erase tool will not erase the image to reveal the background color, but it will bring back the details you have in the saved image.

Wish real life was as easy as PS.

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FWIW, most Mac users would probably be more familiar with the "option" key rather than the "alt" key. The key is labeled with both, but lets stick to our Mac guns here :)

Found your blog through your post on DPreview and then spent the next half hour following various links... a sure sign of a great blog! I'll be sure to check back often.

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Ivan, you are right. If we have the ability to get back all that was lost by Ctrl+z, it would be a miracle we all can experience.

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