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Clever idea for unusual media

When I approached my car I muffled a semi angry sh!t before picking up the parking ticket, which was stuck as usual on the drivers side window. I checked to see how much I was fined. It said: "Speed limit 250km/h!" What?

Parking ticket flyer

Reading further I found out that it's just a flyer for the upcoming F1 race. Tension released. Nice one! This piece of communication definitely got my attention. I DID NOT throw it away or tuck it in my pocket for later disposal. I read it and smiled. Whoever did it, kudos to you!

Although it's not even a very original idea, I still fell for it. In Hungary they did a similar trick, but it was not as innocent as a simple flyer. Normally for parking tickets the authorities would use a red plastic bag to hold the ticket and a typical yellow check to pay the fine. Now, a clever company had the idea to advertise their stupid product in the same colored bag, which said "Instead of a PARKING TICKET..." and included a flyer and a check to donate money to them. There was a certain percentage of people who didn't read what's on the bag or flyer, just saw the check and payed their duty. Not nice!

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Using 'official looking' documents could get you into some legal problems though. (Obviously depending on the laws of the country where you live.)

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From time to time, I get an official-looking yellow-brown envelope through the mail. In the top-left hand corner it is marked "Department of Processing and Tabulation", and underneath it reads "Official Documents - Registered/Verified". On the back there is what appears to be an inkstamp that reads "DO NOT TAMPER". Other pieces of text also appear, all designed to reinforce the idea that it is 'official' and 'important'.

Inside? A begging letter from the Democratic Party, with a long catalogue of President Bush's sins, followed by an appeal for a donation.

Whatever my political sympathies, I really hate organizations that use scammers' methods, trying to make their mailings look like something they aren't. Not only does this kind of thing make me determined not to give the sender a red cent, but it causes me to wonder about their basic honesty. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see this as an effective marketing tactic.

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I would have been pissed. I already get upset when people leave crap on my windshield, but this would have been over the line. I often call up places that leave garbage on car windows, which then just litters up the parking lot, letting them know that I am very upset and I will never visit their establishment.

Do you people really like this garbage? Am I the only one that find this offensive? I am sick and tried of find junk in my yard, on my door and hung on the ouside of my mailbox (can't legally put it inside).

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Where I live, parking tickets are placed under the windshield wiper. So if I see a piece of paper in the driver's side window, I know it's probably just another promo piece from a dance club I probably don't care about.

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You dont care about me dance club :(

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I like laughing gas up my butt!

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I think the tactic can work. Its just you may send the wrong message. People put fake checks in the mail all the time. I usually don't look at them either. I would pay atttention to a ticket though.

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