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3br = express yourself

this is a logo for team in our college 3br means express i typed the word in Arabic also i make it as a shape of human with powerful view
this is may be my first work in logo i really need you critique as strong as it is i will learn from it

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What is the team in college? Football? Cricket? Math? The mark doesn't tell me much in that department. It's also very messy and hard to grasp the concept of, I don't get humanist from the grungy stroke pattern at all.

You may want to get off the computer before you start. Use a sketchbook and a pencil to come up with ideas rather than just typing arabic words or characters and then setting them with a stroke after pen tooling it. A process like that won't create any resonance without prior thought and consideration.

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Young and the Restless anyone? Cool mark but ZM has it down pact. *good advice

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