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Some Cool Acrobat Resources!

Some Cool Acrobat Resources!You know, I've been using Acrobat--Acrobat Professional, that is--for years and years, and I find it astonishing how little most people know about this powerful app. What makes Acrobat so unique is that it's really hard to define, and it's used in such a huge array of industries. Most think it's just used to view and print PDFs, but there's a whole world of tools, features, and options just waiting to be used to really make your PDFs sing! Best of all, it's really easy stuff. Anyway, so I began compiling some resources on one of my sites as a way to really showcase what this program can do.

First, check out a video series called "Get Goin' With Bookmarks in Acrobat." This series will introduce you to the concept of bookmarks, and you'll see how to create 'em, mange 'em, and best of all, use them to add some eye-popping interactivity to your PDFs. Check it out.

Next up, for a more well rounded look at Acrobat, there's "25 Supa-Killah Acrobat Secrets," a massive list of Acrobat tools and features that'll give ya the gist on all kinds of cool Acrobat commands, including things like audio, video, layers, managing files, print production tools, web tools, and tons more. Check it out.

So there ya go, there's some cool Acrobat resources for you. I hope you like them, and hopefully you'll be able to begin using a few of these tricks right away!

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i wouldn't mind this app if it weren't for the incredibly horrible and mind-numbingly unintuitive interface. I've given this app a few tries and each time I am struck by the awe-inspiring lack of thought and cohesion it has to anything relating to an Adobe app in the past 10 years. For such a widespread format one would think that they would bring this interface in line with a toolset and functions that are pretty well accepted in a design/layout world. Even MS Word is closer in usability than Acrobat Professional and that's saying something.

Or maybe I'm just angry that it's the only app that I haven't been able to make sense of.

rant done.

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Saddness. True, the interface can be a bit trying. Especially with the latest versions, things seem a little more *ahem* Disney-ish. To me, it feels more like an Office app than an Adobe app; but I think this is really because Acrobat isn't JUST used in the design/layout world (therefore, it can't adhere to design world toolsets and functions)--it's used in architecture, law, marketing, urban planning, etc...PLUS the worlds of print, design, and the web. That's what makes it such an awesome tool; it's flexibility.

So now the fellas at Adobe are in a bind. They can't be dishin' Illustrator-like interfaces to executive assistants. So I think they were trying to make Acrobat easy to use for even the most non-savvy users. But I agree, the interface can be frustrating for power-users.

But if you can somehow, someway, come to terms with the interface, there's a whole lotta horsepower just waitin' for ya. From an interactive design standpoint...oh man, there's just so much you can do. Add in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop and you could, like, take over the galaxy! So grab a book or watch some videos...or maybe take Acrobat out for coffee and explain your true feelings...I dunno! It would just seem a shame to miss out on such an awesome tool all cuz Adobe goofed a bit on the interface.

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I am one of those long time acrobat users who up until the last few months, have never truly looked "under the hood". I had mainly used acrobat for print work and little else. A simple export from InDesign and done ~ Proof to a client, select the lo-res export preset, e-mail, done.

Since I have been looking closer I have not only discovered some of the great interactivity of the format, but PDF's can even be set-up to track affiliate sales via distributed PDF's - very cool!

It's not so surprising though, that most people barely scratch the surface of most of these programs. Just the depth of the adobe suite alone is mind-boggling, not to mention the myriad of other programs we accumulate in our applications folder.

I would also like to say Thanks for the great tutorials! ~ I'll be passing those links on.

BTW ~ You are correct, it is a well kept secret that if a special combination is entered into a hidden easter-egg in the Master Suite Collection the software will sync itself in such a way that it can be used for galactic domination! ; )


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