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Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions Top One Million

Love it or hate it, the news during Adobe's earnings call this week that subscriptions to Creative Cloud had passed the one million mark would seem to indicate that those in denial will have to at some point soon come to grips with the fact that traditional perpetual licences for Creative Suite are now just a fading memory. Which leaves just three alternatives: keep using a current version of an Adobe app forever, switch to Creative Cloud or renounce the use of Adobe tools and move to... well, what, exactly? And please, no mention of GIMP.

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Actually, they only have two real options: Switch to CC or find other apps. You can try to run CS6 forever, but I'll bet you a cup of coffee that CS6 won't run on new Macs with 10.9 when it's released.

I may be off with the OS (it may be an even later OS), but you get what I'm saying. At some point, you WILL have to upgrade your hardware/OS and CS6 won't run on it. When that is, who knows.

That being said, you could always use Pixelmator, iDraw, Quark, FinalCut Pro, Aperture, any number of HTML editors, and a host of Flash-like apps instead of Adobe's CC apps. The thing is, you'll be an outsider in the professional world. You'll likely have a difficult time finding people who accept the files (if you're required to turn over files or collaborate with other users).

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