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Adobe Mighty & Napoleon

From Adobe:

Our XD team revealed a few projects they're working on at Adobe MAX 2013. The team has been exploring how new form factor displays, new interactions (like touch and gesture), cloud connections and even new hardware might change how you all create and in turn how it might impact what software we need to build. Watch the video to get the full overview.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Adobe making hardware? This smells "Designed by Apple. Manufactured and sold by Adobe".
I want to try this! Please do effort to compensate the lag.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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2 hours ago
I've stopped watching after word CLOUD....... 
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The ruler I think is what fascinated me most with the fact that you position it as is and you're able to draw on any surface below where you wish for it to go. The CC features in this doesn't seem like such a hard pill to swallow and a natural type of feature but again, that is part of the flaw I see there. It may not have been touched upon but without in-app saving and exporting features, I really think any device that forces you to require a subscription when you've bought hardware is robbery.

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My own thoughts (as opposed to the one I copied and pasted above)... the tech looks interesting, but I can't stand the lag time on tablets. That's why I've never used one - I feel perfectly comfortable drawing with the mouse quite frankly (hey - do it long enough and you get used to anything). It looks like something in it's infancy - which I'm sure is why Adobe isn't pushing it yet. Could be the next big thing - could be another Newton or Lisa... only time will tell. But I doubt I'll ever get over my reluctance when it comes to the cloud. At this point in time - with memory so cheap, small and freely available - the only advantage I see to the cloud is owning it and selling space.

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I don't want to buy anything from Adobe after Cloud Concentration Camps news!

yes I'm brazilian xD

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