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Ads of the World Beta

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I'm happy to announce that the Beta for Ads of the World is up. It's a visual advertising blog and library with ads from around the world. Bug fixes for IE are still in progress, but other than that it's fully functional and it will be updated daily from now on.

You can log-in with your creativebits username. Just add after your username and use the very same password you use here. For example the username for afterglow would be But you can create a new account as well if you wish or just use the site as Guest.

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Congratulations :)

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Think it would be good for searching purposes if you let people with memberships add any keywords they can think to any particular ad. It's sometimes hard to search for images if they arent keyworded well.

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Should be good reference and inspiration over time when all the categories get filled up. Yes, Congrats!

Print and Mac troubleshooting

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Ah nice... this will really be interesting. : )

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That's a very interesting project, indeed.

Nice clean presentation of the content, and it looks like fun, when more ads will arrive.

Inspiring work!

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you'll never stop to surprise me! :)



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Hmm, this is going become something huge and very popular. Good job.

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I tried viewing the site in OmniWeb and it seems to be broken. Please let me know if anyone else has this issue in OmniWeb. When I mean broken, I do not mean that the link is broken but the site layout is completely broken.

Sweet site though =) Thanks for the link Ivan.

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Thanks. I'm fixing these bugs at the moment. I'll test with OmniWeb too.

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is there any way to stop the sidebar on the right from overlapping the main content if the window size is too small?

even on the main drupal site you have to have the safari window stretched to about 1200 pixels wide to get rid of the horizontal scroll bars.

I thought there was a problem in Camino but it seems the browser thinks some of the images on the homepage are ads (well technically...umm..nevermind).

Overall, great concept, will keep an eye on it.

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Does this happen when you open the original of the image or even with the preview?

What do you mean Camino thinks some of the images are ads?

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just sent you an email with a couple screenshots

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wow even scott kelby was here

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I've changed the layot a bit on the front page to make it cleaner. Hope you like it this way.

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But I can't log in this site.I add @creativebits after my name here, but it dosn't woks...

Sorry. Unrecognized username or password.


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Maybe it was just a temporary glitch.

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This is probably because you did not put .org at the end.

Ivan, the original article above said @creativebits instead of I fixed it for you, so hopefully there would be less confusion in the future.

Oh, and congrats for the AdsofTheWorld site. Very nice and very original.

Drupal development and customization:

Drupal development and customization:

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ah, thanks!

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