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Another Adsense killer: Clicksor?

3 weeks ago I posted about Text-Link-Ads and promised to give feedback about how it worked out. Well, it's working surprisingly good as advertised. They managed to sell 4 links on creativebits and another 4 on ads of the world, which makes 207 US$ for the first full month. There are another 4 spaces left on both sites totaling of 8 links per site, so theoretically I can make up to 400 US$ per month in the future just by displaying these links. The referrals worked well too. I got payed for 6 sign-ups, each 25 US$. The check has not arrived yet, but will post an update as soon as it does.

In my quest for trying out different advertising schemes I decided to give a go to another system: clicksor. It promises high pay-outs, as much as 0.003 US$ per visit. It pays per visits as well not only by click-through. That would be great, except I can't help but be sceptical. So, I signed up and I'm displaying the ads on creativebits at the moment to test how they work out.

As a first reaction I can tell that the interface is quite nice and easy to use. Not a sexy as Text-Link-Ads, but possibly a bit simpler than Adsense. One thing is neat about it. As soon as you place the ads the statistics are shown in real time. With Adsense there is a considerable delay. Another interesing thing which I can't decide if I like or not is that the image ads do not have borders and you can't tell they are from clicksor. Again I will post about my findings once I gain some experience.

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I don't like the pop-up links, they're really annoying...

It's not just the ads on the top that are shown, but some words in articles, forum topics etc. are underlined as if they were links, and they're actually pop-up advertisements.

I have a question about Text Link Ads though - do they pay more as your alexa ranking goes up?

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I think you can opt out from those annoying pop-ups. I hope you don't see them here on cb.

I don't know about Alexa...

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OK, looks like the popups are gone...

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I *HATE* those ads that disguise themselves as links in the text. It's one of the lowest advertising schemes on the internet. Thank god for adblocking software.

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I've disabled the ads, because they slowed down the site somewhat and the revenue is much less than with google adsense. The test is too short to draw any conclusions, but I don't think I'm going to use Clicksor.

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