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anyone ever heard of pond5?

its a huge micro-stock site i was made aware of about 3 months ago.

prices are CRAZY LOW (especially compared to usual getty, corbis, veer or even istock stuff) and arguably there is as much good usable content.

i tend not to buy a lot of stock because many of my smaller projects cant justify typical $100 and more per image / clip prices. but here a lot of the stuff is well under that. even down to the $10-$20 level. at this price, i can justify buying stuff even as FPO examples...

and as a contributor its MUCH faster getting your stuff approved and posted. where istock usually takes like 8-11 weeks. pond5 generally has you up in a few days to a week.

contributors are free to set their own prices and there is a lot of debate within their community about various approaches...

not spamming. just surprised that ive been in the biz for 20 years and had never heard of the site.

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Either I heard about that site.

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WG... Can't help you on video or flash stuff, but photos? Bigstock. Check it out.

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If we're talking about stock sites, anyone have any comments on I've found a lot of good images on their that are high resolution and they're public domain. I feel sketchy grabbing stuff off it because I feel like I should be paying something- seems to good to be true. Opinions?

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Thanks for the link, ZM - looks sweet.

So far as the legality? As long as you are following their restrictions to the letter, you should feel perfectly fine using the images. If someone were to call you on it (highly unlikely) there is a trail that will lead right back to the source and they will be the ones dealing with any legal issues. The photographers contributing to the site have their own reasons for doing so - it is not up to us to ask why or to judge - just to enjoy their generosity.

On a side note - you being a little younger you don't remember the way it used to be... $500 for a one-time use of an image. If I can get it for $2 on Bigstock or free on your site... I'm going to complain? Hell no. I'm going to use that resource to help my business and the bottom line. I'm not concerned about the photographer's salary - I'm concerned about mine.

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Fair point. With issues such as these it leads back to that "dream job" and the typical run-through design lectures of stock photography. It's not feasible for the typical project to buy that one time license for fonts/ stocks because the costs are just too high to either absorb or pass on. I guess its those costs and knowing them that make the usage of free CC or PD images uncomfortable for me at first. Hell, as it is in college most of my work was shape and flat based because I hated the idea of stock photography and costs so much. I would have loved finding stuff like this. We were always encouraged to use watermarked FPO images but I just felt like they made the final submission look like garbage.

Believe me, much as I'm at times happy all of this software is at my disposal I would have loved to be in the business back 20 years ago. The hands on approach fascinates me. Those were the true artists, now it's all about knowing restraints because it's all too easy to add dumb stuff. Back then I'd imagine everything was more carefully planned because of costs and time management. I guess on a related note that's why its rare these days to see a lot of people of my generation using a sketchbook for filtering ideas.

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You would only want to go back there for a day or so out of curiosity. I would not want to ever visit the days before pdfs again. PDFs, digital cameras and the internet changed this business almost as much as the computer. I wouldn't want to deal with the graphics business before those things after the way we've had it the last 15 years or so. Just the driving around that I've eliminated makes it worth staying in the here and now. ;-)

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