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Architetc logo

Hi everyone, i woluld like critique on this logos please, the one above is simple playing with geometry it have a variant.

The second one is a more classic version, i am asking for critique because is the first time i work for architects and i've hear there are a lot of things to take care when working in these kind of logos.

They are simple because the company gives a integral service from architecture to engineering.

Thanks everybody and happy new year.

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the top set is just too abstract. the set on the left could be a delta sign and an O for all i know. and the one on the right looks like a pencil at first glance...

and the bottom one. not much really to say about it. there is too much happening in my opinion. and the sub-head is WAY WAY WAY too small relative to the other elements.

the icon is neat though.

the primary thing to be aware of working with architects (at least in my experience) is that they are "designers" as well. and many have an engineer's sensibility. so they tend to mirco-manage or over analyze things...

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Thanks for your comments, you are right about the O and Delta, never though of it, guess i have to put more work into it. Thanks again.

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