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Bittersuite, an example for outstanding identity design

Let me share with you this great new identity for the South African design house Bittersuite.


The logo itself is a beautifully designed ambigram. For those who are not familiar with the word, according to Wikipedia an ambigram, also sometimes known as an inversion, is a graphical figure that spells out a word not only in its form as presented, but also in another direction or orientation.

Business cards
Business cards


Complimentary slips
Complimentary slips

The letterheads, business cards and all other elements of the stationary showcase a playful concept that demonstrate their tagline: creativity through contradiction. There is not only one type of design for each element but a series. It's an entertaining solution, and contrary to popular belief it doesn't increase production costs.

Credits are as follows:
Creative Director: Andrew Hofmeyr
Copywriter: Marcelle Lang
Art Director: Michel Brink
Illustrators: Toby Newsome, Heath Nash, Saskia de Jong, Michel Brink

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Very creative, but I have to say I hate, hate, HATE logos that I have to squint at and spend more than a second trying to find out what the text says. The stylization of the text reminds me in ways of my #1 typography pet peeve- using script/"old english" fonts in all caps.

I agree that the concept of ambigrams is pretty kewl, but it's just not cutting it as a logo for me.

I like the other artwork and layouts in their media, though.

Be interesting to see if I'm the only one here hating on the logo, though. ;) As I've said in the past, all art - including logo design - is subjectional and all in the eye of the beholder.

Thanks for sharing!

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It def. would have taken me a while to figure out what the logo said unless you hadn't used the name in the post headline. The business card also looks kinda confusing. All hating aside, it's pretty unique; and doing something non-traditional like this comes with the possibility of people not getting the idea right away.

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this is off-topic but logo-related...I just noticed the creative bits logo was a "c" and "b"!

Honestly, I never really looked that long and hard at it until today.

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It's not meant to be too obvious. ;)

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When I first saw it on the cb home page, I thought it said "Bittersome".

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Great logo! Who cares if it takes an extra second to figure out what it says? This is a design studio, they won't get their business from the yellow pages. More likely it will be word of mouth so the clientele will already know the name of the studio when they see the logo for it. I like the name too.

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I must agree with KellyR's comment. Even for a design studio, a logo should communicate instantly... no thinking required to read. Leave the ambigrams for something other than identity.

Designers will always love clever logos. Design studios love to appear smarter than the average bear, even at the risk of alienating many creatures of the forest.

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I have to admit that the logo is growing on me - now, of course, that I know what it says and I keep seeing it. But man, it's a tricky one to introduce to new eyes.

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This is nothing new, though a great application of the idea. Here's another example:

Powerpoint is not a design application
My latest web design work

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Here is a campaign with Ambigrams:

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Link to ambigram podcast here

I am really divided on ambigrams. I guess the first thing with any logo is to be remembered, but if you can't read the logo, then are you going to remember the company? They do look cool though. I think the example (above) from natobasso works better as its shorter.

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