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Change the Color of Photoshop's Image Border

You can change the color Photoshop uses for the non image area of the document window by simply choosing a new color and then shift + click on the border area with the paintbucket.

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Two Designers walk into a bar (A.K.A. Contrast Masking)

Two designers walk into a bar and sit down with their Powerbooks. One designer says to the other, "How much you want to bet I can correct the highlight and shadow of this image without using any adjustment tools or filters directly on the image?

The other designer takes him up on the bet and a minute later begrudgingly hands his associate $10.

How did the first designer win the bet?

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Split Layer Styles into Individual Layers

Say that you created an effect using a layer style but it is not quite exactly what you want, perhaps you want a drop shadow to have a halftone effect or you want to switch the stacking order of the effects. Well there is a easy way to divide them into layers...

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The Tao of Resolution

Short version:
For print work you want your images at 300 dpi (dots per inch).
Lineart: 1200 dpi
For web design you want look at the pixel dimensions.

Long version: Are you seated comfortably? Then let's begin...

The topic of resolution has long been a stumbling block for many designers. "How do I know my image will look good on such and such device?", "What should I scan a line art image art to prevent jaggies?", "Why is your office so messy?" are questions I hear over and over from my clients and students. So lets have at it.

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Preserving Vector Text from Photoshop

"What did you create the business card in?"

I've lived that nightmare many times. Photoshop is a great program, probably my favorite. But a page layout app it isn't. Fuzzy bitmapped 72 dpi text isn't my idea of a good time. However there is a way that a text heavy layout can be done in Photoshop and sent to a prepress tech without them burning you in effigy.

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Animating Illustrator Blends for fun and profit

Here's some rainy day fun, let's animate Illustrator blends to make interesting animated gif's.

There are quite a few steps involved, but once you got them down you'll be making these with ease.

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Two Tips for working with Layer Styles in Photoshop

1. Copying Layer Styles
Say you have a text layer with a drop shadow, bevel, outer glow etc
etc and you want to apply that style to another layer. You can simply
go to the layer that has that layer style applied to it, control
click (mac) or right click (pc) on the layer style icon in that layer
and choose "Copy Layer Style" from the pop-up menu that appears. You
can then choose a layer that you want to apply that layer style to
and control or right click on that, and choose "Paste Layer Style"

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Where the vector logos live

Client comes in,
wants business card,
doesn't have the company's logo,
points you to company website,
icky low res garbage on website,
you notice company has downloadable brochure in pdf format,
you download said brochure,
notice that the company logo is present in brochure,
hey that logo looks pretty damn good,
open pdf in Illustrator,
wipe tears of joy from eyes when you see company logo sitting there in all its vector splendor,
dump vector logo into business card layout,
present to client,

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