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Technical knowledge

Is this me or is it just tha way things are evolving nowadays?

When I walk around the internet I see a lot of questions popping up that are basic knowledge for a graphic designer.

What is a spot colour?
Do I make a logo in Photoshop?
What's the difference between vector and pixel?
Why don't my colours print the same as on my screen?

and so on...

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Ink limit problems

Have you ever had a problem like the the picture above in InDesign?

All those red zones are above 300% inkt percentage.

So you need to change those percentages, there are a lot of ways of doing it, with profiles and so on...

I found an interesting way in Photoshop. Here it is...

Open the picture in Photoshop, see that you have your info panel visible.
When you hover over a problem area in your picture you can read the inkpercentages in the info panel.

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Quick removal of colorcast

Colorcasts can be very annoying and there maybe a thousand ways to get rid of them. Some or better then others I'm just gone give you two tips

Tip 1

Use the Average filter.

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Ok I may be known around this community as an InDesign freak but I'm also interested in other Adobe products. Let's take Photoshop for example.

One of my favorite teachers has always been Russel Brown, not only for his fine techniques but also for the way he presents them. And now you can get a great tip by the doctor by subscribing to his free podcast. For some of you it will all be very obvious, but for the rest of the world this is great stuff

Subscribe for the podcast here:

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Colour the cheap way

Two tips that relate to the same problem.

Sometimes your client wants colour but he/she hesitates about the cost of a full colour print. The only option you have left is use a spot colour (Pantone). But it's limiting your creativity. Well sometimes InDesign helps you being creative by giving you some options.

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Remaking the InDesign effect

ItalianMike asked me to explain how my 'Vector shapes' InDesign tip could be done in Photoshop. I promised I would, so here it is.

Photoshop is a very big box and everybody has his own ways of achieving things. So this tutorial is my way of handling this problem.

First of all open your image (that's easy).

Now double click in the 'Layers palet' in the background layer and rename your layer (the lock must disappear).

Next step is to create some shapes.

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Tip 3 of the InDesign workout

Having rulers follow your text is a paragraph option in InDesign and can be found in the Paragraph options.

Put your cursor in a paragraph, select the paragraph option in your option bar and on the righthand side click on the black triangle, there you'll find 'Paragraph Rules'.

You have two options: Rule Above and Rule Below. To activate click in the check box, you can use either or both.

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Using multiple vector shapes

If you want to span a picture into several shapes. How do you do it?

Start with a couple of vector shapes. I used some squares, make a pattern at your wish. Select all your vector shapes and go to Object > Compound paths > Make

Now your vector shapes will handle as one shape.

With the Compound path selected go to File > Place and navigate to the picture you want. The picture (or logo) is now divided into each vector object.

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I don't like the underline function in text, because it creates too much black and text becomes unreadable.

But now I found a new way of using the underline option, Highlighting, just as you would with a regular marker.

Select a word and underline it with the button in your option bar. With the word still selected go to the little black triangle on the right of the option bar. And go to Underline Options.

A new menu is shown. Now you can play with the width, colour and offset of your line and it is possible to create a highlighted word or text.

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Table options

The Table function in InDesign is very powerfull and I want to do some entries about the possibilities. First of all there are the Stroke options.
When you create a table just like the example above you can determine in the table options the stroke and color and so on. But with the table selected you can click on the stroke pallet and you will have something like the image above. Now what does this mean?


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