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Illustrator CS2 crashing on Pathfinder operation

If you are running an Intel Mac and suffer from Illustrator quitting whenever you apply the Pathfinder commands — there is a quick and dirty solution.

You need to have InDesign installed. You can simply copy the objects from Illustrator into an empty page in InDesign. Ungroup them and apply the required Pathfinder operation within InDesign. Menu point Object/ Pathfinder/. Now you can copy the transformed object back to Illustrator.

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Software convergence

Random graphic

I was interested by a question in the forums about the difference between PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have been thinking about this too more recently, especially Illustrator and PhotoShop. Adobe is pushing people more and more into buying the full Creative Suite and it is a much smarter way to work now that these products are so integrated.

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Request a feature

Photoshop CS2 has been out for well over a year, and already people are speculating on CS3 (mostly for Intel compatibility). According to Adobe, it's scheduled to arrive in 2007 Q2, but until then, you can request features on Adobe's website. 2007 Q2 seems a bit unreal when you consider that Apple will be completely on Intel processors by then...

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Animating Illustrator Blends for fun and profit

Here's some rainy day fun, let's animate Illustrator blends to make interesting animated gif's.

There are quite a few steps involved, but once you got them down you'll be making these with ease.

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Let Illustrator do the math

transform paletteLet's say you have an object that is 22cm wide and you need to make it 2cm wider. You could calculate the amount and punch in 24cm, but if you had a more complex calculation, you may not be able to do it without a calculator. For example 12.3cm-1pt.

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Modern Graph tool?

Illustrator graph tool

When will Adobe finally get round to giving us a useful grown up graph tool for Illustrator. I'm a bit sick of upgrading only to find that one of the tools I use most in print design is as it was when I first started in the design industry way back in the midst of time.

At the moment M$ products have more features for creating graphs than Illustrator. I'm not saying that they create graphs that are well designed, they just simply have more options.

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Temporary path selection tool

pen tool iconI love Apple. The key that is. It's so useful! I don't know how Windows users can live without him (I'd like to think of him as a buddy). Here is another useful feature that is brought to you by this famous key.

If you have to do a lot of clipping pathes in Photoshop or need to draw a lot in Illustrator with the pen tool there is the famous Apple key again, which plays a role as important as the space key to move the canvas around.

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Expanding effects

The effects and brush strokes of Illustrator are very cool, but most of the times you would want to further modify the results manually.

expand effects

You can expand the effect by selecting the Object /Expand appearance menupoint. This way the effect will break down to simple vectors.

It's a good idea to do apply this command before exporting your artwork to other vector applications, because they will not recognize the sophisticated effects of Illustrator.

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Rediscover the spirograph


Remember how joyfully you contributed to deforestation when you got your first spirograph at the age of five? You can relive the experience in a much more environmentally friendly way using Illustrator or any other vector application if you have a fast enough computer.


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