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Adobe InDesign CS4 first look

Adobe InDesign CS4When I launched InDesign CS4 for the first time, it took all of about ten seconds to see that I was going to like what I found. After a few hours of using it, my suspicions were confirmed. Every release of InDesign has brought new and improved features and speed bumps, but none have brought more than Adobe’s latest offering of its flagship page layout application.

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Ink limit problems

Have you ever had a problem like the the picture above in InDesign?

All those red zones are above 300% inkt percentage.

So you need to change those percentages, there are a lot of ways of doing it, with profiles and so on...

I found an interesting way in Photoshop. Here it is...

Open the picture in Photoshop, see that you have your info panel visible.
When you hover over a problem area in your picture you can read the inkpercentages in the info panel.

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Numbering tickets (stickers) with InDesign CS3

Now it’s possible. Now it’s easy and fun. In this simple tutorial you will learn how to use improved bullets and numbering InDesign’s feature to get numbers on your tickets. Our goal will be to create 1000 tickets, numbered from number 1 to 1000. Of course, you are not limited to this number. You can create as many as your like.

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Adobe CS3 videos

CS3 videos

Jim from Creative Guy pointed out the great site from Adobe presenting a free Video workshop about Adobe CS3. Have fun learning!

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Change background color – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Sooner or later someone will ask “How can I change the background color in my document?” A simple question, perhaps, but with various answers - depending on which Adobe application you are using.

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Adobe CS3 tour

Adobe CS3

Looks sweet. I live the non-destructing editing using the new smart filters in Photoshop. Can't beat a live blur. Also, live color looks interesting in Illustrator. What do you think?

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Apple's Adobe CS3 page

Apple's CS3 page

The release of CS3 must be near as even Apple posted a CS3 page.

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Amazon leaks Adobe CS3 pricing, availability dates, code split

AppleInsider reports, one of the largest online retailers has let slip the entire launch strategy for Adobe's Creative Suite 3 and its various individual apps -- and revealed that PowerPC-based Macs may soon become second-class citizens in the program designer's eyes.

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Pick color from picture in InDesign

Or convert RGB color to CMYK.

While you are working in InDesign it's essential to know how to pick color from image you just placed because of need to experiment with objects colors surrounding placed image. First of all the solution must be quick and easy. Here is how you can do it.

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Basic tips on working with tables in InDesign CS2

InDesign’s table options gives you ability to change many settings when you need to work with tables. First of all this tutorial is based on using InDesign CS2. I am hoping these tips will work in earlier versions too.


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