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Adaptive Wide Angle for Stills and Video in Photoshop CS6

Use this powerful new feature to adjust not only single still images, but to easily straighten and correct existing stitched panoramas as well.

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3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates

How did Apple rise through the ranks to become the world’s most profitable tech company? As it turns out, good timing and shrewd planning have played as much of a role as innovative thinking for the Silicon Valley juggernaut.

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Automatic app makes you a smarter driver

Really cool App that integrates your iPhone with your car's onboard computer. Just plug the Automatic Link into your car's data port. Your car and smartphone will automatically connect whenever you drive wirelessly and teach you how to drive more efficiently. It helps you save on gas, checks your engine and tells you what to do when something goes wrong. It also helps you find where you parked and even alerts 911 and your loved ones if you have an accident. Watch the video. Currently iOS only, but Android version should come in 6 month or so.

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MyScript Calculator for iOS is amazing

MyScript Calculator recognizes your handwriting and performs mathematical calculations. It's really great to solve simple and complex equations. Perfect for kids to learn math. Use the scratch gesture to correct any item. And, use a '?' to substitute an item in your equation you want to find.

Best of all it's free in iTunes.

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What Google Glass will really feel like?

Based on the latest Google Glass ad you can see below.

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123D Creature from Autodesk for iPad

Check out this awesome new iPad app listed for just $2.00 called 123D Creature. It allows you to model 3D characters on the iPad and paint them too. You can even get the final sculpture printed on a 3D printer.

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New physics game for iOS: Tapforss

If you enjoyed games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope or Hundreds you will like Tapforss. The idea is simple. You have to navigate a crystal ball from nest to nest in a cave by tapping the three navigation buttons that allow you push your ball upwards against gravity and sideways against air friction. The game starts simple and becomes gradually more complicated by adding various dynamic obstacles. Be careful, it's addictive!

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SurfacePad for iPhone

twelve south famous for it's BoobBook series of accessories released a new sleek iPhone cover. The SurfacePad for iPhone is made for those who don't want a bulky case and perhaps use their iPhone currently without any case at all, but still feel the need for some elegant and subtle protection for their device. It's available in black, white and red for the iPhone 4/4S and 5 for $35.

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15 Years of Apple's Homepage

See homepages from 1997 to 2012 compiled by Charlie Hoehn with the help of Wayback Machine.


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