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Change Case with OS X Services

While I'm a veteran OS X user and I only recently discovered the highly useful Services feature in the OS. The Services menu is always found under the active application's name in the menubar and can be configured to match your exact needs.

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5 unusual ways to create website mock-ups

One of the most important phases of website design is creating mock-ups. Some of the key factors that you should consider when creating wireframes is ease of use for the readers, flexibility for future development and simple hierarchy for the CSS layout.

Here are a couple of tools you can use to create your mockups.

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Undo closed tab in browsers

It is really annoying when you close an important tab by accident in your browser. But worry not, there are ways to get it back. The procedure is different for each browser so it's a bit hard to remember.

In Safari 5 you can simply undo to the closing operation. Just press Apple-Z (Command-Z).

In Chrome open a new tab and find the "Recently closed" section to see all closed links.

In Firefox you can press Apple-Shift-T (Command-Shift-T).

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Hide files and folders in the Mac OS X Finder

ninja Finder

If you share a computer with someone, or your office computer is accessible to prying eyes and you want to hide a file or folder of private documents, it’s quite easy to do without the need to download any software.

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Remove duplicates from iTunes

While moving files back and forth from your iTunes, iPod and other backup disks you may accidentally end up with duplicate copies of the same songs within your iTunes library. If you want to get rid of them, just select the menu File/Show Duplicates within iTunes. Sort the songs by title and check for the their length to make sure they are identical. If you want to show only the identical files press Option (Alt) to get the Show Exact Duplicates menupoint.

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Use copy & paste in Calculator

In OS X there is no cursor in the and the calculator dashboard widget, therefore it is not possible to select the numbers appearing on their screens. Yet this doesn't mean you can't paste in a number from your clipboard or copy the results of your calculation to the clipboard.

Just use the Apple(Command)-C or Apple-V keyboard shortcuts as if the screen was selected. Not very intuitive but it works.

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Change the horrid blue Exposé outer-glow

If you don't the default blue outer-glow in Exposé you can easily hack to make it look more appealing.

Go to the folder System/Libary/CoreServices. Locate the Dock application. Ctrl-Click it and select Show Package Contents. Within that navigate to the Contents/Resources folder. Here you will find two png files: expose-window-selection-small.png and expose-window-selection-big.png You can overwrite these to create a new look.

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Paragraph break vs Line break in OSX

If you're having troubles with text jumbled together when copy pasting documents the issue is most likely caused by incorrect use of line breaks and paragraph breaks. This is usually a problem with MS Word documents.

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Untrash files in OS X 10.6

Did you know you can move the file back from trash to the folder it was originally trashed from?

The simplest way to do this is to select the file in the trash and use the same shortcut used to trash files Apple-Backspace (Cmd-Backspace). Alternatively you can Ctrl-Click the file and select the put back command from the contextual menu.

This can be particularly useful if you deleted multiple files from many folders and you need to move them all back at once.

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Fix corrupted iTunes files

In some rare cases your music or video downloads get corrupted while downloading. iTunes in these cases suggests you should go the iTunes Store and re-download the file, but the problem is your iTunes will try to continue downloading the file from the point where the problem occurred instead of re-downloading the complete file.

To force iTunes to re-download the file from the beginning you need to trash the partial file from the following directory:
youruser/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Downloads


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