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Things I love about my iPod

iPod heart

Apple sold 100 million iPods and they are thanking music lovers all over the world for this. On this occasion I thought I should list a few things I love about my iPod. Feel free to add to the list:

1. On accidental disconnect of the cable from the jack the iPod pauses.

2. I can operate the scroll wheel and buttons even with the sleeve on.

3. The back of the device doubles as a vanity mirror.

4. My iPod makes my commute something to look forward to.

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Agloco - Own the internet

There are tons of social networking sites. My personal favourite is LinkedIn. But Agloco is somewhat different and takes the concept of revenue sharing from Metacafe. It is promising to share the income they get with you.

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Our new leader has been born

Apple birth mark

No doubt he's the chosen one. The Apple birth mark is proof that nobody can deny. All hail!

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Checking Gmail on the move

gmailGoogle recently released a FANTASTIC Java app which allows you to easily check you Gmail from a mobile phone. It is very fast, simple and easy to use. To get it, just point your phone's web browser to . It will then ask permission to download and install a 100k applet.

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Clean up your GMail account

GMail Trash iconAlthough GMail offers about 2.5GB space, it is nearly not enough to last forever. With media files, pdfs and other heavy attachments being sent frequently nowadays, many GMail users will use up the space fairly quickly. If your GMail account gets full, you will stop receiving emails. Google will hold them for a few days, so you have a chance to clean up your account before you lose emails. But, of course it is better to be prepared in advance. Here are couple of tips on how to make some space on your GMail account:

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Newsvine is opening its gates

newsvine screenshot

The next big thing after Gmail, Flickr and Digg — Newsvine is opening for a wider audience. Over the past month I was part of the few first wave beta testers and I must tell you the site rocks. I read it daily.

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Adobe & Macromedia sittin' in a tree

The time has come, Adobe have completed their acquisition of Macromedia.

If you have not visited Macromedia's website recently, you might want to take a look at whats going on. Also, Adobe are now offering combined Macromedia + Adobe software packages.

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Steve for Time's Person of the year

fake Time magazine cover: Steve Jobs Person of the YearSorry to interrupt the program, but I need to make an important public service announcement. The Time magazine has nominated Steve Jobs for the Person of the Year.

Bush has already won last year and he is losing this year anyway, so don't waste a vote on him. Also, let's show the world that there is life beyond Harry Potter too. Besides, who else than Jobs influences your life more than anybody else? I sit in front of my Mac more than 6 hours a day. The choice is easy. Jobs has a big chance to win if we work together! The illustration on the right is there to help you visualize Jobs winning. Pass on the word and go vote for Steve now!

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CreativeBits on Frappr

I thought it would be pretty cool if everyone on Creative Bits put themselves down on this Frappr group I just set up. Then we can get a visual representation of where everyone is.

Frappr uses google maps to create groups with a visual display of where everyone is on a global (or local) scale.

The more people that do it the more interesting it will be :)


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