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Forum and Critique

Dear Readers, from now on we will point the Forum menupoint on Creativebits to, which has recently been upgraded and specializes in Graphic Design Discussions and point Critique to the Brands of the World Logo Critique section, which is a premier place on the web to get a critique on your logo. I intend to focus on making the features on both GraphicDesignForum and Brands of the World Critique as good as possible.

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How to Pitch an Idea

Excerpted from The Myths of Innovation (O'Reilly Media)

By Scott Berkun

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Adobe CS5 launched

Adobe CS5 is here. At creativebits we celebrate this occasion with a new background for 5 weeks. If you want to join the party you can do so here.

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File attachments to comments

Just a short service announcement. I've installed file attachments to comments to help with critique and forum support questions feedback. Images appear inline and other files are as attachments. Hope you'll find it useful.

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Apology regarding excessive subscription emails

There was an error in our email subscription module which resulted in sending out a lot of email notifications from creativebits to some members. I would like to ask for apologies and report that the problem has been fixed. You won't be getting any such emails unless you specifically subscribe to them.

You can check your settings by going to My account/ Subsciptions and Settings. Let me know if you need any help with anything and thank you for being a creativebits reader and member.

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Google Wave invites up for grabs

google wave logoGoogle Wave seems to be a game changer in online collaboration. It's improving every day and several people started using it seriously for real work.

Following up on our tradition of giving away invites to beta services I would like to offer up my invites to creativebits members. The first 12 commenters will get the invites.

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Creativebits gets new theme

As you already noticed creativebits got a fresh new design.

The objectives were to bring the design closer to AotW and BotW, since they are all part of the same family of sites. I wanted to give more space in the sidebar for the latest critiques and forum topics. Also, I needed a rectangle adspace above the fold instead of the skyscrapers, which are hard to design good ads for.

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Creativebits on Drupal 6

Just a quick note that creativebits has been upgraded to Drupal 6 now, which at this point should not affect user experience in any way. If you do find any problems please let me know!

However, this upgrade opens up the possibility for future developments and a redesign. I'm thinking to update the layout with a new homepage that let's you see all new content at one glance.


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