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Updated profiles, user points and more

I've updated the user profiles, so they are now neatly organized into tabs and we have a couple of new fields, so please go to My account, then Edit and update the 4 tabs. Most importantly make sure you select your preference if you want to be contacted for freelance jobs and job offers.

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Upgrades on creativebits

If you're seeing this post you're seeing the site on the new server, an Intel Xeon E5335 2GHz 4-core CPU running on 64bit Linux with 4GB RAM and RAID disks. It's supposed to be really fast. The front page loads in an average of 212ms instead of 1700+ms on the old one running on Dreamhost.

We also upgraded the engine to Drupal 5.7, which forced us to completely rewrite the theme from xtemplate to phptemplate. That's why you were seeing some bugs in the last week. I apologize.

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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


Dear creativebits readers, members and contributors. Thank you for all your help and encouragement you demonstrated towards each other in 2007. Hope you will have an amazing year both in your private life and in professional career in 2008.

This is a good time to do a review of your last year in terms of your career. Did you achieve what you set out to do? If not why? Can you you make new plans to tackle the same objectives next year?

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All time top 10 posts

I thought you may find interesting to see a statistic about the most read posts on creativebits. The first post on the list has been viewed more than half million times.

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We've have some great news today!

Sites I started, and have been acquired by Jupitermedia Corporation. The two sites have a combined traffic of more than 1 million unique visitors per month and now, they will become part of Jupitermedia's network.

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Jobs and Gigs section on creativebits

As most of creativebits' audience consists of designers and web developers I thought it would be a perfect fit to promote the new full time and freelance job site called Jobs and Gigs.
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Oh, the irony

The story I wrote about surviving the digg effect got dugg and ironically the server died within 15 minutes of hitting the front page.

On one hand this demonstrates the effectiveness of the tips described. On the other hand it shows that the server was not ready to be dugg, so I didn't practice what I preach. I officially made a fool of myself.

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News on creativebits

Now you can get a quick update on what's hot in the world of Macs, Design and everything else in between — check out the news section. At the moment we only have about half a dozen feeds, but please suggest and we will expand the number of quality news sources.

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2626 pencils

CG & CB... they just now noticed?!

Creative Guy and Creative Bits
Creative Guy and CreativeBits. Sisters? That's what Scott Kelby had to say in the July/August [i]Layers Magazine[/i] issue. The article titled [b] Ten Cool Sites You Need To Know About[/b] lists both CreativeBits and my site, [url=]Creative Guy[/url].

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Welcome Zeldman fans!

We are delighted to see that Jeffrey Zeldman from Happy cog, publisher of the respected magazine A List Apart has linked creativebits form his blog.


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