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Site News: RSS Feeds temporarily disabled

In an attempt to address why Creative Bits is slow at times, we have temporarily disabled RSS feeds to assess their impact on performance.

We appreciate your patience while we try to address this issue.

Drupal development and customization:

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Workflow: and other ramblings

So many times we creative types get caught up in discussing the nuts and bolts of design, troubleshooting, figuring out what works and what doesn't, and we tend to skip the mundane, day-to-day stuff. After all, discussing billing, project management, gantt charts, etc. doesn't make for lively conversation. At least in my opinion, it doesn't. My accountant may beg to differ, but I digress.

I recently had an interesting discussion concerning workflow with another designer and I thought I'd continue it here on CB. By "workflow," I mean how projects are handled from start to finish. Now... I have to say that I've been freelancing (exclusively) for over 10 years and my workflow is a direct result of trial-and-error. And while your mileage may vary, I know what works for me. So, I thought I'd share and get your thoughts on the matter.

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Subscribe to threads

The number one requested feature on cb was to get email notifications when a certain thread has new replies. It is now implemented. See the link that reads subscribe post below any type of content.

For example when you post a critique or ask a question in the forum you will not need to visit the site every 5 minutes to check for replies. Now, you can simply subscribe to the threads of your interest and wait for the email notification when a reply is posted.

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Creativebits chat room

Join me in the creativebits chat room during Steve's keynote at 10AM Cupertino time on Feb. 28, 2006. If you are on a Mac and iChat is configured click here. Otherwise go to the "creativebits" room on AIM.

Update: Thanks everybody for the chat! It was great to have you all online.

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Creativebits down and up again

I'm sure you've noticed that cb was down. I'm not quite sure what is happening. We already had the dedicated server. Specs: Pentium IV (non Celeron!), 30 GB usable IDE storage, 60 GB IDE backup drive, 4 TB bandwidth per month.

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gmail is playing up again

Just quick word of warning to people who use gmail as their regular mail host.

The spam filters are going a bit crazy and wrongly tagged many legit mails as spam.

Also, the gmail SSL certificate seems to have expired, which seems surprising.

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I want to let you guys know that thanks to your generous donations and amazing response to the cb dreamhost promotion (45 members took advatage of it!) we managed to move to a dedicated server. Our own dreamy server was christened "Dante" and is now up and running! You should experience a dramatic decrease in response time when browsing creativebits.

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Sorry for the downtime

Recently our traffic went through the roof and the shared hosting server couldn't take the load. Apparently, the RSS feeds were creating a lot of work for the CPU. The server crashed and some files on cb got damaged. It was not the bandwidth that created the problem, it was the shortage of computing resources. Few days ago cb went down.

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CreativeBits on Frappr

I thought it would be pretty cool if everyone on Creative Bits put themselves down on this Frappr group I just set up. Then we can get a visual representation of where everyone is.

Frappr uses google maps to create groups with a visual display of where everyone is on a global (or local) scale.

The more people that do it the more interesting it will be :)


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