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creativebits v3.0ß wishlist

Soon it will be the time to for us to start working on creativebits v3.0ß and we need your help with ideas to improve the site.

The nice thing about creativebits is that we are completely independent. We don't have a sponsor and we practically don't do advertising. Except for the occasional deals (like the Dreamhost promo) and the slim google adlinks just below the menu, which pays the hosting fees and the iPod prizes.

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Tigerstorm new admin

I'm pleased to announce that Tigerstorm is the new admin besides me on creativebits. We will work together to make creativebits a more useful and even better place for you to hang out.

We will coordinate together the next version of creativebits v3. Your help will be needed, so stay tuned for polls and questions.

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Site sluggish

You must have noticed that CB was really slow in the past few days. According to Dreamhost after the LA power cut they have a new issue with the core router dropping a lot of packets, which is causing severe network latency. They are apparently working on it. Sorry for this guys!

If you want to sign up with them, I have a promo code for 50USD off: WJD50.
::rolling eyes::

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Back to the roots

One of our readers complained to me in a private email that cb is becoming a Mac geek hangout and he misses the old days when we discussed more graphic design.

Well, I can't help it, I love my Mac. :) But, I also love graphic design and I think he has a point. So, I'm thinking to post more graphic design, creativity and general visual communication related posts besides the Mac geek posts. And hopefully some of my partner bloggers will join me in this effort.

But, here is what he wrote:

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Congratulations scatch!

iPod winner

I'd like to take this opportunity and thank you guys and gals for reading creativebits. As an appreciation, we did a draw for an iPod shuffle for the first one thousand readers that registered. The winner scatch received his prize personally in his hometown the beautiful Szolnok in Hungary. I'd like to believe scatch wore the orange shirt especially for creativebits.

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Working together

working together

The creative field is diverse. One can't be equally as good in every subject. Many times we require people with certain skills to help us out with certain projects. You may need a typographer for a logotype to complement your symbol or an interface designer to get an icon set for a website. And, if you do freelancing you may enjoy working with a buddy from creativebits. I know I do.

Hopefully the recent developments on creativebits will help this case. From now on it should be easier to find that interface designer and if you are freelancing you may get work through this system.

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Google Talk

Google Talk logoGoogle doesn't like Mac users. We are always second priority. Google Talk has been launched with a Windows only application. But, you can setup your iChat or Adium to use the IM function for the time being. You need to use your gmail account to set it up. If you don't have one yet, just ask! We've got tonns of invitations.

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That was the password and it is spoken by the computerized voice Fred that is present on Macs since OS9 on the album OK computer by Radiohead.

The winner based on the New Zealand lotto results is the user number 165 called scatch. He is a silent and lucky member. I've not seen one comment by him. I've sent him an email already, let's hope he checks in...

Thanks for the participation guys and sorry from those who think this was a stupid sidetrack. Bear with me. :)

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I'd like to announce that frankmcma was the 999th registered member, so in a few hours we should have 1K members at cb. This means we gonna have to watch the New Zealand lotto results this Saturday. Why? Here is why.

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I'm trying to rethink the function of the frontpage on creativebits. The frontpage is the page you arrive when you type: in your browser. The frontpage (otherwise called Home in the menu) currently displays all the new blog posts by default and some promoted other content. I manually promoted some forum messages, critiques and weblinks to the front page based on my subjective opinion when I found certain content to be more useful or interesting than the average.


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