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Creativebits widget v1.0

creativebits dashboard widget

Creativebits widget gives you several different RSS feeds. You can define if you want to see the blog feed, the forum, the critique or the weblink feeds just by flipping the widget and selecting your preference.

Thanks Jammo and Mackie for creating this cool Dashboard Widget.

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User registration is back

I had to disable new user registration for a few days because of a security issue on Drupal that disrupted both and Now, we're running the latest Drupal version 4.6.2 and it's all fixed. New user registration is back. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Moving to PHP5

With the kind help of our member and Drupal guru kbahey we've completed the move of creativebits to PHP5. Although Dreamhost recently introduced PHP5 as an optional engine we decided to compile our own PHP. This was done in order to avoid some small glitches we were experiencing before and to lay out the foundation for some future developments.

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Get the Firefox search plugin

firefox search plugin

With two thousand entries and at least twice as many interesting and useful comments we've got many questions answered on creativebits.

To make searching through the content easier I've added a Firefox search plug-in that you can install with a click of a button to your browser to have it handy at any time. You can find the link for the install at the end of the sidebar on the home page.

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cb optimized for search engines

I added humanely readable urls to each node be it a blog post, forum topic, crit or weblink. This supposed to be very important, because apparently search engines weigh heavily the urls of pages as primary indicators of content.

Also, I added a proper sitemap to Google sitemaps instead of just RSS feeds. It lists all pages (2K+) with priorities to pages that are most read and commented on.

Will see if these measures help Google to rank cb higher.

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Introducing Weblink

In our profession everything is changing fast. It's very important to be up-to-date. We're not stock brokers, but reading and looking at new stuff for insipiration and for reference is essential. Therefore I created a section called Weblink. It's like a common bookmark of the creativebits members. If you find a good read or an inspirational piece please drop it into Weblink for your fellow designers to see.

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About Dreamhost

A reader asked me what I think about DreamHost, because he was gonna get it for his client. I was complaining about them previously, so I guess I needed to explain why is creativebits recommending them in the sidebar.

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It's a good time to register

iPod Shuffle 1K promo

I had to disable commenting for unregistered users. Sorry from those readers who were using this service and I'm hoping you will sign up, so that we can continue to read your valuable comments. But why did I do that?

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Looking for a Developer

creativebits widget mock-up

We were thinking about a cb widget for Dashboard for some time with Tigerstorm. Here is a mock-up of what it should look like. It will take the 3 RSS feeds and display the titles with a small blurb for each. There would be a search tool in the top right corner.

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Managing growth

As cb is growing it may become more difficult to keep up with all the posts. To fight the information overload I'd like to give a quick overview of some features that will hopefully help the case.


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