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_blank 2B OR !2B

An anonymous reader in the previous post's comments brought up a never ending debate wheather to open links in a new window with the target="_blank" attribute or just let it open in the same window. Let me take this opportunity to give you my take on the issue.

The situation is not blank or white.

With _blank the link opens in a new window and the original window stays in place. User can modify it's function by pressing Apple while clicking forcing the link to open in a new tab rather than a new window.

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Google sitesearch

Just a word about the search field on the top of the right sidebar.

It's not "just" the regular free Google sitesearch. Besides the regular search results, it's serving payed ads, called AdWords.

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Oh no!

I was so happy with our new soon to be launched CreativeBits logo and tagline: "Switch on the right side of your brain".

And than I find this site! So, now going back to the drawing board. It's not like I've seen that site before, because than I could at least blame it on my subconscious. Even their color scheme is the same as it was for CreativeBits v2. Arrrgh!

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Merry DIY Xmas!

DIY xmas card

We'd like to wish you Merry Xmas with a do it yourself CreativeBits Christmas card. Just click the card above to download the pdf file. Print it on any paper (the thicker the better). Put glue on the back and fold it in the middle. Cut out the tree and the ornaments. The thicker the paper the bigger the slots should be. Assemble the tree.

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Time for more action!

Thanks for all the kind comments and the votes! We've come up from the 10th place to 4th. We just need hundred something more votes to get the third place!

Go and vote Today and every day till the 12th!

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2004 Weblog Awards: Best Tech Blog

Weblog AwardsCreativeBits has been nominated for the 2004 Weblog Awards in the Best Tech Blog category. Go and cast your vote for us!

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Introducing Balázs

I'm pleased to introduce our new blog author Balázs. He is a good friend and a talented designer. Check his site. Balázs is going to post about design theory and will give practical advice about how to approach different design tasks. See his first post below.

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It's been a great ride and we're just getting started

CreativeBits is 6 month old. We started it because we felt we should try to give something back to the design community. I was so happy to see Jim joining me in my efforts as an author.

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Hardware upgrades

You may have noticed that CreativeBits was down for the last 24 hours. My hosting company decided a month or so ago, that it's time to move it's servers to a new multi-million dollar state of the art datacenter. Biometric security system, fire protection, connection to the Internet backbone via Tier 1, power feed from three separate power grids, UPS and diesel generator for backup power. What else could you ask for? For more details read this.


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