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A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not necessarily substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

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Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity

We know it's a myth. The right/left brain theory is based on flawed research, but still it lives on in the pop culture. Even the Art Institute of Vancouver created an online test to evaluate yourself. The test is still valid, it should just be renamed to creative vs analytical brain. My score is 55/45. What's yours?

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Technical knowledge

Is this me or is it just tha way things are evolving nowadays?

When I walk around the internet I see a lot of questions popping up that are basic knowledge for a graphic designer.

What is a spot colour?
Do I make a logo in Photoshop?
What's the difference between vector and pixel?
Why don't my colours print the same as on my screen?

and so on...

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of... Theft?

Hats off to The Disciples of Design site for catching one of the more egregious recent examples of identity design appropriation. You have to wonder just what was going on in the mind of the Chinese designer who lifted the original logo for the City of Melbourne and transplanted it onto something called the Fantasia MIC Plaza. I guess he thought changing a few gradients would make all the difference, although I prefer the original. Copy or plagiarism, you decide.

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Corporate Face: The Five Masks

Every corporation has a face, as imagery, shine and style is inter-layered into a skin appearing as a mask with uplift captured by its distinct name identity and poised to reach the upper stratosphere of stardom. Corporate masks are just like real people, some are exciting and some boring, some you remember and some you forget, some you like and some you simply don’t. Whether you like it or not, at this very moment, your corporate mask is out there on the block, fully exposed and it’s being judged by the global markets. Following are the five common masks and now the question is not which is the best but rather why? Any image is good if it is in sync with your long term plans and can ring cash registers, otherwise these masks can choke and suffocate as so often the main reason of collapse of grandiose business plans. Take a deep breath, be honest but first look in the mirror.

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Should you work for free?

This flowchart will help you find the right answer. Click for full image.
Via: jhische

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The real meaning of "Like"

like button

Some dismiss the Facebook Like buttons as feedback for lazy people. They argue commenting should be sufficient and more human to express the liking of a status message.

As you probably guessed by now, I respectfully disagree. Pressing the "Like" button is more than what it looks like on the surface. Allow me to explain why I think so.

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Trends in design


Image is a courtesy of Foursquare

What can we expect to see in 2011?

Innovation, influence marketing, and customer experience were the business buzzwords of 2010. Consumers no longer believe the smoke and mirrors of traditional marketing. Their trust must be earned on a daily basis. Never before has business collaborated so openly with consumers. We’ve learned that we can’t be smart, creative, or innovative without sharing. And the early days of the twenty-first century have provided an explosion of technological tools to optimize collaboration.

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10 things Apple should do to take the Mac to the next level

Apple hardware wins design awards every year. Yet, there are several things Apple could do make the Mac even better than it is today. Here are ten ideas I want to suggest that could take the Mac to the next level.

1. Desktop Macs with a battery

iMac with battery

One of the biggest benefits of MacBooks over desktops is their ability to run without power. In many countries of the world especially during summer months power cuts are frequent and nobody wants to run a giant UPS under the table.

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Adobe says they love Apple

Adobe in their latest print ad claim they love Apple, yet at the end of the ad they spell out a harsh critique towards them. So which is it?

Adobe's message about creative freedom.


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