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A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not necessarily substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

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Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla! wins open source CMS award

The winners were announced today:
We are pleased to announce that Drupal has won the Best Open Source PHP CMS Category in the 2009 Open Source CMS Award. This category featured a very close contest between the top three, Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla! in which Drupal ended up as the overall choice for the judges and the public.

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Procrastination is no evil


Have you noticed that the more pressing the deadline the cleaner your apartment gets? Procrastination is a problem almost every designer struggles with. Group hug guys.

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Apple sues another company with an apple logo

apple logos

Apple after suing the The Victoria School of Business and Technology in Canada (logo on the left) for the similarity of their logo to the Apple trademark, now decided they are going after Woolworth and their newly launched identity (logo in the middle). While the logos clearly not similar, other than showing the same fruit, Apple's problem is that Woolworth may in the future sell electronics, which may create confusion for consumers.

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Microsoft embarrasses itself again

They failed with Seinfeld badly, then they tried a different approach, which also didn't work. The Songsmith ad was the ultimate fail. As an Apple user I can't stop laughing, as an adman I can't stop crying.

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Brands of the future

starbucks in the future

Let me contemplate for a minute what the logos will look like in let's say 100 years. (I admit the comfortable thing about predicting the future so far ahead is that nobody will be able take you up on it.)

I think three distinct influences will shape the profession of branding and identity design.

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Apple blocks rival smart phones

Apple with the iTunes, 8.2.1 update blocks non-Apple phones from appearing as an iPod in iTunes. This is a blow most importantly to Palm, because their Palm tre has been advertised to work with iTunes.

Officially Apple did this because they do not test non-Apple products with iTunes, but it's clearly a move to protect the iPhone market. The message is clear. If you want iTunes and iTMS on the go you have to get an Apple device.

I would like to state that Apple does have the legal and most importantly moral right to do this. Just as Microsoft has the right to include IE in Windows. There is nothing wrong with a company protecting and upselling their own products. They can and should do this. There is no obligation from one company to help competing companies. And, on the long term, such protective behavior will benefit everyone.

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Red Cross symbol to change to Red Crystal

red cross, red crescent, red crystal

British foreign Office minister Chris Bryant said that the historic emblem of the red cross risked undermining the work of the humanitarian organization, because of the religious connotations of the cross and crescent symbols currently used by the international body.

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My "You Suck Apple" rant

Apple SucksIt's time for another Graphic Mac Rant. Back in February, I went off on Apple's lack of menu bar customization. Today, just one day after Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), I have a whole new dump truck to unload on you - covering the cry-baby, booger-eating, Apple complainers flooding the interwebs about everything released and announced at WWDC.


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