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A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not necessarily substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

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5 reasons why Preston Gralla beats boredom

It's rare that I would argue against someone's opinion. After all everybody is entitled to their own. But when somebody is so uninformed as Preston Gralla, he deserves to be confronted. Read his infamous blog post about Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OSX. Now, if this post would've appeared on I would not bother to comment and categorize him as a deluded but entertaining person, but he is a contributing editor for Computerworld, and the author of more than 35 books, yadda yadda. So, his opinion sort of counts, right?

Before reading the article, I was hoping to find out about some cool hidden features of Vista that I haven't heard of before. They probably exist, but the author didn't bother to look them up. He brought up some really tired arguments that were maybe somewhat true in the distant past (in technology and internet time), but certainly don't stand true today.

Now, let's look at his 5 points!

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Don't design a dead-end Web site - it's all about the content

When I look at a lot of Web sites these days, two things jumps out at me. First, many sites look absolutely stunning. Beautiful mastheads, delicious AJAX everywhere, blinky, swooshing Flash and Web 2.0-style graphics adorn tons of Web sites. Competing with these gorgeous Web sites requires not only great graphic design skills, but you’ve got to be a coding genius as well.

The second thing that I notice right away is that many of these sites contain little if any useful, informative content.

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Microsoft Office:Mac 2008 campaign

Run Numbers

I was so glad to get rid of the last Microsoft product a year or so ago from my machine. I would never dream of giving an MS product a second though ever again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for Office, Outlook, Explorer and a couple of other applications to be there for us when there was nothing better to replace them, but they were the biggest resource hogs on my Mac. They were heavy in size and in their CPU and memory usage. They were relatively slow and unreliable too.

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CIA's "Terrorist Buster" Logo

terrorist buster logo

This is official ladies and gentleman. I'm not joking. It's from the CIA's website. Let's dissect it, shall we?

Who are the terrorists anyway? Let's try to describe them and find a fitting visual representation for them.

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Mac OS X viruses and trojans

I'm sick of anti-virus companies reporting on supposed OS X viruses and trojans.

The latest anti-virus company expressing its greed was Intego, who reported about an OS X trojan that is supposedly out in the wild redirecting unsuspecting browsers to fake sites stealing their credit card info. Woo-hoo!

This trojan is an 8 year old kid dressed in a witch costume. So fitting to Halloween!

Let's see how you can get infected:

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Say no to free work!

Recently I was asked to do a logo job for a new commercial website. I gladly accepted the job, because it is something I like doing. I asked for the details and started on the job. I've sent the client the first two drafts which he liked, but informed me that he found somebody else, who does the job pro bono for him, so I should back off. I only spent 3-4 hours on his project so far, so I wasn't pissed, but I didn't like such unprofessional treatment and asked to be payed a standard hourly fee for the time I spent on the project so far. I was denied it and was told that others do it for free, so I'm not eligible for anything.

This is just one story, but demonstrates a trend that most of us have contributed to at some time in our careers. Namely, doing free work. I used to do free jobs for friends, because I felt ashamed to ask for money for stuff that only takes my time. However I never felt it right to ask my friends to repair my car for free when taking it to their workshop or serve me for free when I visited their restaurant.

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10 tips from an old-school designer

I scored my first design job when I was about 14 years old. A local T-shirt shop owner got tired of me hanging out at his place and taught me to cut color separations. Before long, I was handling layout for his customers and even doing design work on the side. I loved it. Little did I know then that I'd still be doing it, and still loving it nearly 30 years later.


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