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A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not necessarily substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

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New Intel identity

new intel logo

Intel refreshed their identity. They took the loose circle element from the all familiar intel inside sticker and used it for the intel logo itself. On one hand this was a good move because the orbit was very well known and very much identified with intel. On the other hand the orbit is a highly overused design element in the technology and internet sector, especially in it's current slightly squashed form.

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New Year resolutions

A New Year is coming and it's time to make those resolutions. As a creative professional we have to keep pace with time. We have to grow in our profession. We have to become better designers every year. What does it take to be better?

I think this a a good time to sit and think through what you want to do with your life professionally. Where do you want to be in 20 years. In ten or five years from now.

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Designers: What to charge

One of the most often asked questions by new designers, part-time freelancers and those wishing to make a go at freelancing full time is what to charge.

It’s a tough spot. Charge too much and you don’t get the work, charge too little and you end up with a bad taste in your mouth from eating frozen burritos 3 times a day. What I find the most is that most designers don’t charge enough.

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What is Google's next step

Remember the days when we had to do summersaults and other tricks to get a Gmail invite from a privileged blogger that had 5 to give away? And if you were late to the show, you were out of luck?

Anyway, those days are long gone. Just click on the envelopes below to get an invite. Every envelope can only be used once, so don't be surprised if it doesn't work. Try another one.

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Why Chose Mac For Productivity?

Ok, so computers productivity is not often talked about, but we are going to start now. Most users tend to buy a Windows machine highly due to the fact that they are ‘cheaper’. That used to be the case for me, but I now buy a machine for its productivity.

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Financial Times Tiger review

I was amazed to read this snippet in the Financial Times' "How to spend" supplement and decided to share it with you.

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Modern Graph tool?

Illustrator graph tool

When will Adobe finally get round to giving us a useful grown up graph tool for Illustrator. I'm a bit sick of upgrading only to find that one of the tools I use most in print design is as it was when I first started in the design industry way back in the midst of time.

At the moment M$ products have more features for creating graphs than Illustrator. I'm not saying that they create graphs that are well designed, they just simply have more options.

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Double click hell

This comes from just getting the new mighty mouse and finding that there is no option to swap the right click for a double click. It brought me back all the way to when I first tried computers and found after a day of double clciking it begins to give you hand an rss pain.

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Freelancing across Timezones

For freelancers, working across multiple timezones means that tracking of your client's workday requires a bit of forethought. There is any amount of software out there for calendars, timezone clocks and date displays.

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Rethinking webdesign design apps

Warning, below is a bug that has bugged me for two years :o

Don't get me wrong, I like to do work in design and get into the nitty gritty. But after you spend hours on hours trying to get something to work that you just cant find out why it wont and have to result to new code or a total new redesign it kina irkes you.


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