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Brief for Project Magazine’s iPad Cover Contest

We've written about Virgin's Project magazine before. As part of their launch they are inviting designers to re-design the cover.

Watch the video brief:

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When I design logos for clients I present many options. By the time I come up with the ideas, sketch them out on paper and then design them on the screen I get attached to them. As a friend of mine once said your logos become your kids. We want to see them grow, become successful and famous. When the client asks me which logo among the presented I like most I feel as if I'm asked which child of mine I like the most. I can't decide, I love them all.

Yet, if I'm lucky client chooses only one from the many. The rest of the kids don't get any love, they are tossed away as if they weren't good enough to represent a business, not fit enough for the world. This is unfair. These abandoned ideas deserve better.

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Designers, do your part to save the Earth

This post is a cry out for help. For your help as a communication professional.

Global climate change is a serious issue that can only be solved with eduction and awareness. This is where you come into the picture. You can help educate the public, so everyone can do his small lifestyle change that may result in a massive global reduction of green house gases.

I compiled here a list of advertisements that are designed to raise awareness to the issue of global climate change. Hopefully these ads will inspire you to create more ads and distribute the ones already created. Email them, blog them, share them any way you can.

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A proposal for a BlueTooth pen

Wacom's tablets operate via a sensor board in the tablet itself (which senses pressure, click, and other parameters) and a smaller sensor in the pen, which lets the tablet's sensor board know if it is being moved (and/or clicked).

However, the tablet's circuit board/CPU does most of the heavy work as far as moving the cursor around and drawing is concerned. Compare the price of a Wacom pen by itself (around $15 to $35) and the price of a tablet.

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CB Widget Pageant 2006

Almost one year of OS X 10.4, people have been making and playing with the concept of widgets as an extra layer of GUI goodness called Dashboard on top of the normal OS. Freed from the Aqua design contraints, these widgets are allowing people to alter the interface to fit the purpose and style of the widget. From ridiculous (we're looking at you Dancing Homer) to the utterly useful (WidgetMail) there seems to be a growing momentum to build new funsize applications which do increasingly cool things in new ways.

So to salute this widget sexiness we've decided to hold a beauty pageant of sorts here on creativebits for the widgets. Leaving the borrowed hairdryers and bitchy comments to one side, we want to find out what widget the CB community thinks is the finest example of design currently in circulation. Unlike those normal beauty contests, we're not remotely interested if the widget wants world peace or a career feeding orphans; we're just after looks. So brains are out and superficial, surface sexiness is in.....

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Ads of the World Beta

ads of the world screenshot

I'm happy to announce that the Beta for Ads of the World is up. It's a visual advertising blog and library with ads from around the world. Bug fixes for IE are still in progress, but other than that it's fully functional and it will be updated daily from now on.

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...and the winner is

Ladies and gentleman we have the results for the CB Widget Pageant 2005. We got 362 votes for 17 beautiful contestants.

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CB Widget Pageant 2005 nominations

The nominations for the Widget Pageant are now closed. Please check out the contestants and click here to vote for a winner. Polls are open for two weeks. After that we will announce the three winners.


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