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Summer projects?

It's summertime now and a lot of us ordinary CB heads is on vacation of some kind and just lying in the sun (Haven't seen much of that in Sweden) or we're just having a good time out or something else..

Ivan wrote a blog post in 2004 about finding inspiration, perhaps some people who weren't with us in 2004 read it but finds it interesting now in the summer of 2005..


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CB Widget Pageant 2005

With the advent of OS X 10.4, people have been introduced to the concept of widgets as an extra layer of GUI goodness on top of the normal OS. Freed from the Aqua design constraints, these widgets are allowing people to alter the interface to fit the purpose and style of the widget. From the ridiculous (we're looking at you Dancing Homer) to the utterly useful (WidgetMail) there seems to be a growing momentum to build new funsize applications which do increasingly cool things in new ways.

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Drupal Tutorial?

I am looking for a way to make my site more manageble, easily updateable, and comment friendly as well as standards compliant.

Hence, I've run into Drupal. I talked to Ivan and he mentioned possibly starting a tutorial if people were interested?

Well, is anyone interested? Any suggestions on how to start? He mentioned having a photoshop template.

I imagine that it's similar to making PHP includes and the such. Modular code, etc. Are there ways to make it so i can make a theme for my portofolio?

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Podcast in works

basecampWe are about half way through with the Podcast project. It's looking good. :) However we need some more people to be able to finish it. We need someone to design a cool album cover and we need a few more people to do a small (1-2 minute) audio recording based on a brief. If you have half an hour to spend on this community project let us know and I will send you an invitation to the basecamp project site.

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Fire Up - A Community Project

As professionals using the computer to earn a wage, every second shaved off a task helps the productivity of the user. FTP is one of those areas which can still be clunky for those who send files backwards and forwards between folders, even if they do exist on a remote server. I'm soliciting some feedback and help from members of the creativebits community about an idea for an FTP application.


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