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The future and the truth, sorry Quark

I'll start this off with an InDesign Easter Egg.

Select "About InDesign..." in the InDesign menu and type the word "bounce" (without the quotes) to display an Adobe InDesign CS Easter Egg.

There you go, I know you'll all sleep better knowing you can do this now.

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Why I don't review the Q

As anyone who has visited for the last month or so has probably figured out, I try to post tips regarding Adobe InDesign as often as possible, and rarely even mention the "Q" word.

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Pantone to CMYK accuracy in Quark XPress

Someone in a forum I visit asked why he gets incorrect color when converting from Pantone to CMYK in Quark XPress. While I do not have the answer (though I have a guess or two), I do have a solution. It's not the most elegant solution, but it works.

Quark Color BoxStep 1:
Create a Pantone color in Quark Xpress. For this tip, I chose Pantone 542. (See diagram at right)

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Tired of horrible EPS previews in Quark

If you still haven't experienced the joys of Adobe InDesign, and you frequently find yourself swearing at Quark XPress for providing you with a perfectly useless preview image of your placed Photoshop EPS file (duotone files require the use of EPS), then this is for you!

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