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Critical report on graphics applications.

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User your digicam as scanner and OCR


Prizmo is an application that allows you to extract the photos and text from your digital pictures. It's highly useful if you want to document an exhibition or make a quick copy of many pages from a book.

You can achieve the same results with a scanner, Photoshop and an OCR application if you have the skills, but Prizmo provides speed, simplicity and a better experience.

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Negative Space: The Work of Noma Bar

Adapted from Negative Space
(Mark Batty Publisher)
By Noma Bar, with an introduction by Buzz Poole, Dateline: September 11, 2009

When a student enrolls in a class to learn the craft of writing there is one adage that cannot be escaped: Show, don’t tell. This ubiquitous sentiment reminds writers of all stripes that their readers do not need to be bludgeoned over the head with the text’s “message.” Rather, writers need to do little more than pepper the scene with details of the moment—Is the room cold? What does the woman do with her hands when she is on the phone? The bread in the toaster is burning. The litter box has not been changed in three weeks—which permit the meaning to form in the reader’s mind.

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Creativity on a Budget

Freelance designers offer potential clients the very real bonus of great creative work at affordable prices. Not only are freelancers likely to charge less for their own time than a head honcho at a large firm, but they have lower overhead and less expenses to cover.

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Design Bump

design bump

Check out Design Bump, a social bookmarking site just like Digg, but dedicated to Design articles. It's not as feature full as Digg, but works well and it contains a lot of very interesting links to valuable information.

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Convincing IE8 ad

Ballmer this is for you! :)

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New Search from Microsoft

Bing is a brand new search engine launched today by Microsoft. It is replacing, but is it ready to take on Google? To properly test it one needs to spend a week or two with it, but here is a quick review.

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Cards of change

There's more talent out on the streets than ever before. Brilliant people looking to reshape their country, build their career and perhaps even grow your business.

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Use Scribbles for ideation

I think the best way to start any design project is to sketch on paper with a pen or pencil. It helps you come up with ideas and organize your thoughts.

At the same time I feel bad about wasting paper and not being able to save these sketches together with my project for future reference (without the extra step of scanning them in of course).

This is where Scribbles comes into the picture. Scribbles gives you the simplicity you get from a just paper and pencil, but offer things that paper can't deliver.

Scribble has a novel user interface. Forget Photoshop or even Painter. Scribbles gives you many features that makes it stand apart from anything you used before:

  1. Intuitive and 3D animated layer management
  2. Super easy picking of colors, brushes and brush sizes
  3. Infinite canvas — use as much as you like
  4. vector based — looks sharp at practically any size
  5. Extremely easy navigation, scaling, zooming etc.
  6. Tracing paper support — draw over stuff on your screen

Check out a few examples from the Scribbles gallery:

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Mailplane revisited

If you're a heavy gMail user you may want to try out Mailplane application. Besides the cool icon the application offers several productivity enhancements listed below in order of importance:


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