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Buy more space for your Google account

With a mailbox of 1GB you never have to delete email? Not true. I have two gmail accounts and I still had to periodically delete emails with attachments. Not anymore though. Google just launched a pay service to expand the available space up to 250GB. Here are the prices:

  • 6 GB - $20.00 per year
  • 25 GB - $75.00 per year
  • 100 GB - $250.00 per year
  • 250 GB - $500.00 per year

You can purchase space for your Picasa albums and it is promised to become available for Google Docs & Spreadsheets too.

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Save on typing with TextExpander

TextExpander animationIf you have to type the same pieces of text over and over every day, it is worth taking a look at an application that accelerates your typing by expanding short abbreviations to full text. Dreamweaver can do it on code and Textmate is a text-editor that have such functionality. But, if you want a system wide solution that is extremely easy to set-up try out TextExpander.

It's a system preference and it is really easy to setup. You just need to create pairs of abbreviations and full text entries. Once TextExpander is enabled every time you type the abbreviation it automatically expands it to full text.

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Add an extra screen with ScreenRecycler

I prefer working on my fast intel iBook, but I miss the screen real-estate of my old G5 iMac. Luckily there is a really simple solution to get the best of both worlds.

With ScreenRecycler you can easily add a second unused screen to your primary machine without complicated cabling or additional hardware.

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Google doodle poorly executed

Quick rant. Today's Earth Day Google doodle is a great concept poorly executed. The feathering is sloppy. You can even see the bottom right corner slightly. C'mon Dennis spend 5 more minutes on a celebratory logo that is seen by 100 million people world-wide!

Btw, I'm pretty sure this is a hidden message. What we see of Google today is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Joost on Mac

Just got my long avaited invitation for Joost and wanted to share my first impressions.

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Heavy-weight file emailing solutions reviewed

heavyfileI'm sure we've all been in a situation where someone's waiting on a file, but for any number of reasons including large file size, email just isn't a viable solution. In this case, I usually just toss it on the server and email the expecting party a link where they can download the massive file. Simple enough, but if you're server is like mine, at any given time it's always at near-capacity. So, what to do (aside from actually cleaning out the server, of-course)?

Well, the good news is that there are several free, web-based services who offer to upload and deliver these large files in short order. And a few actually do so with out much hassle.

We've selected six of these services and compared them based on similar criteria. For each, we registered (if necessary), timed the upload of the same 50 MB, CMYK tiff file, and then timed each download. Other considerations were limits to file size, relative ease of use and whether it was possible to notify multiple recipients of the file's availability from their site. I also included the results from my personal server, via FTP just out of curiosity (see Speed Report graphic).

I also should note that these test were performed on a Macintosh G4, v10.4.8, with a 1.8 Ghz processor, 1.12 GB RAM, with an Ethernet-to-DSL internet connection. We also used Safari for these tests, so your mileage may vary depending on your configuration. Also, no other internet activity was going on while these tests were being performed, so the results should be fairly indicative of optimum performance for each service.

In order of personal preference:

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Firefox 2.0 Mac OS X

Firefox iconFirefox 2.0 was released almost at the same time as Internet Explorer 7. And, what a difference. While Firefox alongside Opera is raising the bar, IE7 is barely catching up with the rest of the crowd.

This is a good example of how much more efficient the open source community can be compared to a giant behemoth company like MS. The new Firefox packs a lot of cool new features and most importantly it is much faster than the previous version. Here are the new features in the order of importance for me.

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Apple’s Prosumer Mac


Today Apple introduced a 24" “Prosumer” iMac, which fills the price gap between the 20" iMac and the Mac Pro. Here's a brief run-down of its features.

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Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.1 plugin

comparison image

Two weeks ago I downloaded a trial version of OnOne's Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.1 plugin for Photoshop and tried it on a photo I needed to enlarge from 1024px x 768px to a cool 850mm x 637.5mm x 300dpi (that's 10039px x 7529px!!! or a 980% resample.)

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Fourth Mac OS X browser test

In our last test, we tested the four major browsers on Mac OS X (Safari, FireFox, Camino, and OmniWeb). Since then, there have been several improvements on almost all of the browsers, so we decided to test again.

All four of the browsers are Universal Binaries — good news for owners of Intel-based Macs. We tested the latest versions of the browsers as of this writing — Safari/Webkit 2.0.4 (the version that comes with OS X 10.4.7), FireFox, Camino 1.0.2, and OmniWeb 5.5 Beta (which can be downloaded from the Omni Forums.


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