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Critical report on graphics applications.

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Cableyoyo Review

In the office or on the road, cables are part of our daily lives. Even the ‘wireless’ devices still have wires. Whether its iPod cables, cell phone chargers or data cables, we constantly have to deal with their web of clutter and tangles.

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FontExplorer X

FontExplorer X active window

For anyone wondering what to use for there font management needs under OS X Linotype have just released a new version of Font Explorer for OS X. Even more interesting is that they have released it as a completely free product.

It seems to be bastard child of iTunes and Suitcase. It has all of the important features of Extensis's $100 product and includes features from iTunes such as smart folders and an integrated online store for browsing and purchasing new fonts.

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Dropcopy goodness

Is it a pain for you to mount a server each time you want to send a file to your coworker? Has it happened that you started moving the files from your Dropbox before it finished copying? No more!

Jim pointed out an excellent piece of donationware Dropcopy.

Dropcopy sending

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Free Ruler for Mac OS X

Free ruler

For those who need a free and focused ruler application I recommend Free Ruler. It not only gives you accurate measurements in pixels but if you click the measurements it switches between inches, picas and centimeters. You can easily drag the ruler around and make it semi transparent if you need to see what's beneath it. You can also easily group and ungroup the vertical and horizontal rulers. But that's not all.

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The Digital Designer's Bible

Killing time one afternoon in a bookstore, I came across The Digital Designers Bible. I've never been keen on learning by wading through computer or design manuals, but something in the tone of the writing caught my eye. Written by a number of industry veterans, it covers a good range of topics for print and screen designers.

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Live Quartz

After Core Image Fun House and Image Trick we got another core image based image editor. And they are just getting better.

Live Quartz

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Linux for human beings

As an ardent follower of the open source community I have been on the look out for a useable flavour of Linux. On one of my trawls of the interweb I came across a project called ubuntu which is heavily based on Debian. The thing that separates them from other builds is that they have put a lot of effort into the interface and general usability.

I saw that you could order Install CDs so promptly filled in the form sat back and waited…

A few weeks later I received a package with my disks and a few more good measure.

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DisctopI'd like to recommend an unnecessary but fun and addictive little application. Disctop in it's lite version just displays the CD/DVD in real size on your desktop when an actual one is inserted. Of course the effect is optimal if you have an iMac G5 with a side slot drive. The pro version does much more, it displays cover art, even downloads art from Amazon if needed, gives you iTunes controls, etc.

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Image Trick

Image Trick screenshot

Here is a proof of concept application for Core Image that we discussed before. Image Trick does many Core Image filters on the fly. To test the speed of the hardware accelerated filters check out Zoom Blur and drag the slider for an instant effect. It all depends on your video card of course, but it looks promising.


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