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Critical report on graphics applications.

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Photoshop killer is here

Acrylic screenshot

Now, you can download the beta for the Microsoft graphics application Acrylic. Unfortunately it's only available for Windows. Acrylic is based on a recent purchase by MS of an OS X application called Expression. That was/is a great application. Fortunately the original is still available for Mac.

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Sidenote is a free multi-document application by Pierre Chatel. You can create multiple notes which will be displayed in one single drawer on the side of your screen, which pops up whenever you move your cursor towards it.

A note can handle both text and pictures via drag&drop or using the clipboard. Also, notes are automaticaly saved when you quit the application or logout so saving your notes is not a necessity.

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Cool app: shadowClipboard

shadowClipboard is a multiple clipboard (also called pasteboard) manager for Mac OS X from stupidFish programming. Contrary to the company's name this is a smart little creature. shadowClipboard integrates with the Mac OS X system clipboard and keeps track of copied items so you can easily paste items you copied a few minutes, hours or even days ago. shadowClipboard comes factory set to remember the last 10 copied items (images, texts, files, you name it). This setting is perfect for most users.

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CSS editing got simpler Today

We were just recently talking about web page editors in the forum. And here it is! For now this post is just a release announcement, but we're going to post a review soon.

For years, CSS (style sheets) has suffered from a serious drawback. It's a tool for designers, but to get the most out of it, developers have to be very comfortable hand coding web pages.

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Put your pixels under a microscope

If you ever design web sites xScope is a must have! It gives you all the tools you need to take measurements on your screen in several different ways. You can have a semi transparent cool looking pixel based resizeable ruler. You get a screen size mask, which is great to check how your layout work in different screen sizes and browsers. The magnifying glass will help you check the tiny details. You can also have guides, like in PS, but on all your screen.

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Reduce low light noise with NeatImage

When shooting in low light conditions with your digital camera you will most probably end up with grainy and not so sharp images. This is especially true for consumer cameras. There is an elegant solution to this problem. NeatImage is a PhotoShop plug-in that can help you remove this noise from your images.

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Deliciously organized library

If you're like me and you like things to be organized on your computer, then Delicious Monster is for you. Simply put, it's a librarian's dream come true, and it's less than two weeks away.

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Master all the combos

Ever wonder if it's worth learning all the shortcuts that each application offers? Apparently it is.

I did a test to see how much time one gains using key combos, rather than navigating and pointing to menus with the cursor. I timed three versions of a certain set of operation that required moving between applications, opening and saving files and menu operations such as copying, pasting, filters, duplication, etc.

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Gmail ideal for designers

Designers working with hi-res images need bigger storage space and bigger bandwidth than the average Mac user. We need a bigger email account as well. gMail gives you 1GB storage space and it can send attachments up to 10MB, so you'll have plenty of room to send and receive zipped artwork. Hopefully the 10MB attachment size limit will go even higher in the future.

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Best mouse for designers

World's first laser sensor gives 20 times more precision and works virtually on any surface. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is cost efficient, lighter and lasts longer. Gives you wireless freedom, but unfortunately it's not based on bluetooth technology.


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