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Prosite from Behance

If you're on Behance you may be interested to learn about Prosite. It's a payed service from Behance that allows you to easily create a portfolio site under your own domain. Prosite lets you pick projects from your Behance account or add completely new ones. Check out the intro film below.

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Lorem Pixum

We all know and use the different Lorem Ipsum solutions to place dummy copy in layouts. But how about images? What if you need images of a certain size in a certain theme? Here is a simple solution for your needs: Lorem Pixum allows you to generate these placeholder images dynamically. Check out the images below and reload the page. The same code will generate different images every time:


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Solo: Project Management for Freelance Designers

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Check out Solo, the new project management web app created for freelance designers. It's free for 10 days and then it costs 5 pounds per month.

The app's main advantage: it is beautiful. This is a welcome change from most of the solutions out there that look like accounting software. Solo promises to be fun to work with.

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Deals for Creatives features a product or service at an unbelievably discounted price every day. These deals are available for a limited time only. Check it out, maybe you'll find something of use.

Ivan's picture is a simple web based tool that previews the typefaces it finds on your computer. You can set which word to use for the preview, so it's useful for logo design when you're trying to find the right starting typeface that you can later modify to suit your needs. The preview size can be adjusted and you can also see it in positive and negative. You can pick the ones you like and filter them out from the rest to fine tune you selection.

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Navigating Google with arrow keys

You can navigate the Google search results pages with your arrow keys. You can move the small blue triangle cursor up and down with the up and down arrow keys. You can press the right arrow to show a preview. And finally press return to go to the result.


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