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How to protect your battery

bad apple

We all love portable devices because they provide flexibility. Ironically most of the time they are being used as desktop devices and are plugged in all the time.

This is potentially a problem because batteries wear off much more faster if they are not being used enough.

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What to eat to be creative

brain power

One might think that eating has nothing to do with your creative capacity, but he would be so wrong. What you put in your system greatly influences how many good ideas you will have and how fast they will come.

Most importantly you need to think long term. If you're in the creative business you have to come up with ideas daily or at least several times a week. You should not abuse your body for short term gains. On long term such practices will make you suffer.

Numerous studies have shown that eating the right kind of stuff can increase your brain powers besides making you healthy.

For fuel your brain uses carbohydrates. Omega 3 fatty acids are used as building blocks for the neurotransmitters. Antioxidants help preserve your brain powers on long term. Now, let's look at these in detail.

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Advertising Research

We are excited to announce another site — Ads of the World Research — an amazing collection of more than 2 million ads from over 40 countries. This unique database is searchable by keyword, by country, by type, or by advanced criteria.

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Delete large attachments from Gmail

GMail Trash iconIf you use Gmail regularly the 6+GB space Google offers may not be enough and you may be running out of space, which will make your account stop working. To avoid this problem you may want to free up some space with these tips.

If you're still struggling to make enough space, you can use this ultimate and simple solution:

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OurSignal launches

How do you get your daily update on the hottest stories of the day? You can get a quick overview of your favorite feeds with an RSS reader, but what about the stories that are hot, but do not fall into your blogosphere? Are you going to check out Digg, reddit, delicious and hackernews? That's way too much effort and time. How about a quick overlook of all four? That's what Our Signal is all about.

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2626 pencils

Get ImageWell FREE with purchase of Shutterbug

In honor of Father's Day, XtraLean Software is offering a special deal for Mac enthusiasts. Buy Shutterbug at the discounted rate of $29.95 (normally $39.95) and receive ImageWell (normally $19.95) absolutely FREE!

Just use the coupon code MACDAD08 when you make your purchase before June 15th through the XtraLean Father's Day store.

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Design stencils from Yahoo!

Check out these free stencils for your design work. Very useful if you are designing an application.

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Dropbox invites


If you have two or more Macs (and/or Windows boxes) and want to synchronize a folders and files between them seamlessly, plus have them all backed up online automatically try Dropbox. Watch the video to find out more details.

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iGoogle theme, great promotional tool for designers


Google launched iGoogle themes, which allows users to customize their Google start page.

Designers can create new themes and submit them to Google for publication. I think this is a great way to get some publicity if you are willing to share your designs for free.

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Illustrator collect for output


The application Art Files has been around for quite some time, but I noticed so many of my friends who use Illustrator a lot didn't know about it, so I thought it's worth sharing as it's a huge time saver.


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