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One gmail, many Twitter accounts

Most web services like Twitter for example require a unique email address for each account you create. What if you want to create two or more accounts, but only have (or want to use) one Gmail address?

You Gmail address has a unique feature. If you put a dot in between any of the letters within your id the email still arrives to the same mailbox. So for example if you email address is: all the below addresses are valid and will arrive to the same inbox:


You can use each to sign up for a different Twitter account and stay organized within one Gmail account.

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IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On

IE6 must die

If you use twitter, visit this page: to support the IE6 Must Die movement.

It has almost 10,000 followers and it's very easy to join. Just enter your twitter username and password and your avatar will be updated to include a little IE6 crossed out icon. Check out how it looks like:

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Green support icons for Twitter #iranelection campaign

Twitter is one of the most important channels for informing the world about what is happening in Iran. The #iranelection tag has been the trending topic for over 3 days now with hundreds of messages every minute. Twitter even delayed their critical maintenance update on request from the US government just to let people tweet without interruption.

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If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written You a Shorter Letter

This is an introductory post about Twitter, for newbies and beginners, but I hope seasoned Twitterers will also find some interesting points.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is the typical service which you think is useless until you start using it. Only then will you discover the true potential. It's hard to explain why Twitter is cool, but I'll try. In a few words it's condensed and instant communication, which is increasingly more valuable as we get closer to singularity.

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Transwitter - make status updates fun again

I have an idea for a product (or rather a group of products) that I want to share with you.

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Tweetmeme the new digg?

Tweetmeme (Tmm) is a service built around the highly popular Twitter micro-blogging service. Tmm counts the number a certain web page has been tweeted about. If a certain page gets a lot of tweets it hits the Tmm front page, which will generate even more traffic.

Currently the Tmm home page only gets a few thousand visitors, so it's not even comparable to the traffic that digg can generate.

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