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New HTML5 logo

html5 logo

The new HTML5 logo stands strong and true, resilient and universal as the markup you write. It shines as bright and as bold as the forward-thinking, dedicated web developers you are. It's the standard's standard, a pennant for progress. And it certainly doesn't use tables for layout.

W3C presents the new HTML5 logo.

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Grid Principles for Web Design

Adapted from Grid Principles for Web Design (New Riders)

By Khoi Vinh

The first two decades of the twentieth century, graphic design’s pivotal epoch, carried forth the legacies of what might be considered the premodern design world. Graphic works were executed largely through tradition or intuition, with emphasis placed on imitating the natural world or emulating historical but often poorly understood models of aesthetic ornamentation.

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Creating A Website the Easy Way

For many of us, the basics of website creation and [url=]hosting[/url] are second nature by now. Nowadays, sites like Posterous and Tumblr allow anyone to setup a basic blog. You can even edit and customize the theme and layout if need be. Those are all great platforms, but to get any sort of real customization and functionality, you need to host your own site. Thankfully, that's now far easier than even a decade ago. Let's start with the basics and work our way up.

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A Form of Madness: Introduction to HTML5 Form Creation

Excerpted from HTML5: Up and Running—Dive into the Future of Web Development (O'Reilly Media)

by Mark Pilgrim

Everybody knows about web forms, right? Make a <form>, add a few <input
elements and maybe an <input type="password">, finish it off with an <input type="submit"> button, and you’re done.

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WebP new image format is here to speed up the web

Google is introducing a new compressed image format called WebP (pronounced "weppy"). It's like JPG, PNG and GIF but better. Apparently the resulting images with WebP are 40% smaller than a jpg file at the same quality.

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Selling Your WordPress Themes

Excerpted from Build Your Own Wicked
WordPress Themes

By Allan Cole, Raena Jackson Armitage, Brandon R. Jones & Jeffrey Way

So, you’ve built a gorgeous, usable, robust, and customizable theme. Now what? It’s time to take it to market! As designers and developers, it can be difficult to make the shift into becoming salespeople for the stuff we build, so this is intended as a guide to the world of selling WordPress themes.

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Dynamic and Effective Web Design

How does great web design attract followers? The below information should help answer that question.

1. The color scheme of the website must match the preferences of the intended audience. In other words, if you know that the people you are trying to get to visit enjoy pastel colors, this is something that should be utilized. If they see it and like it, they will stick around. It does not matter what the webmaster's taste might be. It matters little that pastels are your least favorite colors. It could actually do more harm than good to stubbornly push for something that would not work; it may actually repel people, thus lessening the number of followers. This is not to say that you cannot put any of your personality into it, but there simply should not be too much of it.

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Creating Consistent Text for Web Site UI Elements

Excerpted from The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Source for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.

Can first-time users find their way around your site easily and locate what they're looking for? Before you say yes, put yourself in front of their keyboards.


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