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Analytics Apps

If you're running Google Analytics on your site and want to get more insight to the data, check out the Analytics App Gallery. It offers a couple of cool ways to display and use your data. The image above was created by the Analytics Visualisations app.

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Going Beyond Web Site Type Defaults

Excerpted from Fluid Web Typography
(New Riders)
By Jason Cranford Teague

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Add social sharing buttons to your site

Social media is the largest source of traffic for most websites nowadays. It has taken over the leading position from search, which is an indication of where the web is heading.

Adding the social media sharing buttons is relatively easy and helps your visitors share content. The three main players in social media today are Facebook, Twitter and Buzz. It's advisable to add at least these three to your site. Plus there are several others depending on the subject of your site.

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Add your blog to Google Buzz

Google associaties most of your sites with your Google account by default. You can add these to your Google Buzz feed with a click of a button. But, what if you blog isn't listed among the options?

You can manually associate your site with your account by adding this piece of code to your html code's header part. Just replace profilename with your Google profile name.
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Speed up your browsing by using Google's Public DNS

google dns on MacBy default most of us use our ISP's DNS to resolve web addresses into IP numbers. Google came up with a Public DNS system, which is is supposedly faster (and perhaps safer) than using the ISP's DNS. If you want to test it on your Mac it's really easy to set it up.

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Instantly add 52 language translations to your website

Google enables you to create a translation of your website on the fly. All you have to do is add a piece of code to your html anywhere on the page.
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Google Sidewiki

Google launched Sidewiki, a new feature of the Google Browser Toolbar. It let's you comment on web pages in an collapsing side window. See the video for details.

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Search Engine Advertising: Direct Response and Branding Metrics

Excerpted from Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales, 2nd Edition (New Riders)
By Kevin Lee, Catherine Seda
Dateline: August 6, 2009

You can’t manage and optimize a campaign unless you measure the results. Over the years, the advertising community has split itself into two camps, each with their own set of metrics. Direct response marketers measure sales and leads that turn into sales (or those that don’t). Rarely will you hear die-hard direct marketers use the words branding or brand lift. Similarly, although “awareness” is something a direct marketing campaign generates, direct marketers don’t generally use the measure of awareness as a metric. The direct response marketer has a laser focus on measurable results and the media driving those results. Branders, on the other hand, have a whole set of metrics designed as proxies for success, which attempt to quantify the influence that marketing, PR, and advertising have on eventual purchase behavior. When conversions to leads, sales, or other positive behaviors can be tracked, direct marketers scoff at branding metrics, and branders fire back that direct marketers are too myopic, focusing only on obviously traceable behaviors.

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How to speed up your site according to Google

According to Google speed is everything. I personally agree. I can't stand slow sites. Speed is probably the second most important thing for me after content.

Here is a list of tips from Google on how you can improve your site's speed:

  1. CSS: Using every declaration just once
  2. How gzip compression works
  3. HTTP caching
  4. Improving website performance with Page Speed
  5. Minimizing browser reflow
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Web search blind test

Practically everybody is using Google to search. But, is Google giving you the best search results? Here is a page where you can blind test Google, Bing and Yahoo! against each other. Pick the column that you think gives you the best results for a query and find out which search engine was it. Interesting to see that Yahoo! is winning so far: Google: 23%, Bing: 19%, Yahoo: 57% | 58,985 votes


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