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5 simple no-nonsense SEO rules to follow

First of all don't be fooled by SEO professionals. 95% of the offers are scam. The rest are serious professionals, but unless you are running a million dollar business you don't need them. Just follow these 5 suggestions and you can be sure you've done everything you can to rank high in Google.

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Get Goin' With These Dreamweaver Tutorials!

Get Goin' With These Dreamweaver Tutorials!Building and managing websites can seem like a daunting task for the uninitiated. Even if you've been designing sites for a while, managing links, uploading, even working with a design team can still be challenging stuff. Throw in some heavy CSS-driven page layouts, and web design is suddenly down-right freaky!

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Color Picker Pro Review

Here is a handy little application that improves efficiency if you work a lot with html, css and graphics under Mac OS X.

Color Picker Pro as the name suggests is a beefed up color picker with a magnifying glass and a container for picked colors. Here are the steps on how you are supposed to make use of it:

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New Dashalytics

If you're addicted to statistics like me you will love the new version of Dashalytics Max OS X Dashboard widget that is based on the new features of Google Analytics.

It gives an interactive overview of the most vital stats for your sites. The only thing missing is the hourly display of a days traffic, but I'm sure it's coming. Enjoy!

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7 cool new Analytics features

If you're a Google Analytics user, you must have noticed the new interface introduced a few weeks ago. It's mostly a visual upgrade, which is very important because the whole idea of the application is to visualize huge amount of data in a humanely comprehensible way. It also features a couple of new features that were not available in the old interface. It's a good idea to start familiarize yourself with the new interface as the old one will be phased out starting July 18, 2007.

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Drawing using tables?

You gotta be pretty damn crazy to do this, but it's impressive.

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Third party site traffic verification

Sometimes you want to share your website traffic information with your readers or potential advertisers, but don't want to give them access to your detailed statistics in Analytics or other stat application.

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Dancing with the stars winner

Google launched Hot Trends, a new tool to analyze the most popular search terms. Whether you are a blogger looking for Google search hits or a TV show producer looking for hot topics you will benefit from this tool.

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AdSense running Flash

I just noticed that Google AdSense is running swf files in the above ad space on creativebits. See the screenshot as proof. Apparently the option to run swf file has been around since 2005, but I never noticed it. I wish advertisers on AdWords were using it more often as it allows for more movement, vector imagery and better quality for images in general.


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