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The perfect web dev tool?

For the last year or more my web development work flow has gone like this:

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Surviving the digg effect

digg is a global top 100 site and it's all about sharing links, so you can expect a lot of traffic once you get on the front page. Here is some advice on what you should do to make this happen, how to prepare and what to expect. Among other tips, learn how to get notified if someone submitted your site to digg.

Recently I got some experience with digg and I want to share my learnings with you. Last november a creativebits article made the digg front page. A fellow creativebits author's site, Macintalk got dugg recently as well. Finally two days ago an Ads of the World post was made popular too.

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Optimize your site for google image search

google image search

Google images can bring as much traffic to your site as google search itself. You just need to take a few important steps to make sure Google has an easy task at indexing them.

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Drupal 5.0 is released!

The Drupal team released a new version of their CMS system called Drupal tonight! Drupal 5.0 has been developed since the past 8 months and it looks very promising! With a brand new web-install I think we'll see more Drupal sites on the web since Drupal always been a bit trycky to install if you are new to try it.

As you all probably know at this time Creativebits is running Drupal as it's backbone and we're running quite an old version of it but it's still alive! We're happily going to upgrade to 5.0 but it take a bit of time since we're going to redesign as well. Drupal 5.0 is what we've all been waiting for! (More information about this matter later on)

Here's some information what's new:

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Google launched a feature for fun, dynamic content without all the work

For those running their own sites — Google just launched a new feature called Google Related Links.

Google Related Links don't give you revenue directly, but you can use them to keep your site fresh and interesting without any maintenance. Happy visitors mean repeat visits. And if you're feeling especially creative, try alternating between Google ads and Google Related Links in a given space on your page. This will encourage people to look in that space for interesting dynamic content.

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Drupal image module watermark extension

I know we have many Drupal users here. Guys, we have a finished watermark.module that extends the functionality of the image.module so we can have a watermark automatically applied to the images that are uploaded. I want to collect the required bounty of 2K US$ for the developer, so he would sell me the module, which then will be released for everybody for free. Test the functionality and donate here:

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Google Adsense and AdWords issues

First the basics. Google Adsense is a system that allows website owners to display ads on their sites. Publishers are not payed by the number of ads displayed, neither by the size of the ads. They are not even payed by how many times the ads are displayed as it is done in traditional advertising, like print or TV. The publishers are payed by the number of clicks on the ads.

On the other side of the equasion, we have Google Adwords, that allows business owners to buy ads to be displayed on Google Adsense participant's sites. Advertisers need to specify keywords that match they advertisements. Google will match these keywords found on publisher sites and display relevant ads.

This sounds and works great. It's a great business for publishers to get a steady revenue, great way for businesses to publicize their websites to a targeted audience. And, it's a million dollar business for Google.

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Another Adsense killer: Clicksor?

3 weeks ago I posted about Text-Link-Ads and promised to give feedback about how it worked out. Well, it's working surprisingly good as advertised. They managed to sell 4 links on creativebits and another 4 on ads of the world, which makes 207 US$ for the first full month. There are another 4 spaces left on both sites totaling of 8 links per site, so theoretically I can make up to 400 US$ per month in the future just by displaying these links. The referrals worked well too.

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Time to try the new advertising scheme

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads is a fairly new system which is similar to Google Adsense's Link Unit ads.

While on Google each link unit displays a list of topics that are relevant to your page and when users click a topic, they're brought to a page of related ads, on Text Link Ads you're selling your ad space and you are payed by space rather than by number of clicks.


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