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Google introduces click-to-play video

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Dont quit Creative Bits, Stylegala up for sale

Well I am happy to see the server back today, it was not loading anything at all a bit ago..
On the net is being sold and was contemplating it
among others that are gone or near gone..

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Force refresh a Firefox window

refresh iconWhen developing websites I need to make sure that the page I'm looking at is using the latest images and stylesheets. They tend to be loaded from the cache therefore so I may not see the recent changes. I found that by holding the Apple (Command) key and clicking the refresh button I can force Firefox to reload ALL the elements of the page therefore I can make sure I'm looking at the latest set of files. What is your experience?

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NewsVine goes public

NewsVine is a website that lets the users write the news, whatever category it might be (and even if it doesn't fit into the traditional "news" category).

They went public a few days ago (an invite is no longer needed to view the site). When you register, you get your own subdomain on the site where you can seed (provide links to) or write news. You can then comment on news written on any site.

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Podcasting (and Videocasting) the easy way with Drupal

I have recently opened a videocast, and have tried all the solutions there are for Drupal to podcast, and didn't like either one. The first (and simplest) option was to post the videocast to the blog module, but I wanted the blog and the vid/podcast separate. So I modified the blog module to do this. Read on.

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Octupling the bandwidth

Just a short notice on a hosting offer. For a limited time you can sign up for any of the four shared hosting packages with Dreamhost and they will quadruple the already generous disk space! The expanded storage space will remain available to you for as long as you keep the plan! Just to be nice they will also octuple your available bandwidth! Is octuple even a word? Who cares! This means that you will probably never ever run out of bandwidth or space with these packages unless you set up the next slashdot or flickr.

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.eu is up for grabs

Starting from 7th of December 2005 you can start registering .eu top level domains. Initially during the so called sunrise period only companies and organizations registered in Europe are allowed to register domains to prevent brokers from making money on registering valuable domains early and trading them later. So, if you have a company you should probably be ready this Wednesday. Only on 7th of April 2006 will the registration be open for public. More info can be found on EURid.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics screenshot

Wether you are running a serious e-commerce site for living or you're a junkie for your blog you will find the new free service from Google a delight to use.

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Google AdSense referrals

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Jakob Nielsen, the usability guru has recently put forward an article outlining how the normal interface conventions may be reaching the end of their useful life.
What You See is What you Get (WYSIWYG) , best typified by the Macintosh interface, may be replaced by What you get is What You See (WYGIWYS) which is a results orientated interface. The leading proponent of this new interaction model?

Office 12....

Read on for a more detailed explantion.


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