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NYSE Euronext's New Logo Goes Global

NYSE Euronext, Inc. is best known as the corporation that operates the New York Stock Exchange, although some years ago it merged with Paris-based Euronext to form the first global equities exchange. Its previous logo, shown below, reflected that American-European dualism but in a rather ho-hum, static manner. The firm's new logo is a stylized planet earth that better reflects its global scope. Then there's those stripes, which are an invitation to movement. Marisa Ricciardi, NYSE Euronext's Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, outlined the thinking behind the new logo.

"The new icon – an abstract representation of the globe – visualizes the concept of unlocking the potential of our worldwide community. Simple yet impactful, the image conveys the dynamism of NYSE Euronext’s markets, the connectedness of our community and the diversity of our people. Multiple color bars represent our broad array of product offerings, geographies and cultures, projecting a company and community in constant motion. The blue and green color palette reflects growth and optimism; the lighter hues convey our commitment to transparency, and the bolder colors recall our storied historical role in developing the world economy.

The greens of our new look differentiate us from the uniformly blue logos of other exchange groups as well as the banks and broker dealers who are both our competitors and customers. It’s also a fitting choice because we’re the first and only global exchange group to be carbon neutral. Even the new fonts – Akko, DIN and Calibri – have been selected to be more environmentally friendly, using less ink and paper than our old fonts."

Okay, I guess I'll buy that. In any case, the firm is already using the new logo quite effectively, such as on its site and as elements of promotional videos.

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it looks like a lot of skyscrapers falling down

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I think it's pretty cool actually, but it does have a strange apocalyptic feel to it.

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