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TV Commercials Move to Emphasize Story-telling and Cutting-edge Visuals

At least that's the premise of the latest issue of the always-interesting IdN Magazine, which sees traditonal celebrity-driven, big-budget ads giving way to nimble, idea-driven productions that hook the viewer in a more direct, engaging manner. Check out the compilation of 50 extracts above from ads that are said to embody this new approach.

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This is a great compilation and a great point too.

I do passionately believe that how TV is used in the marketing and communication mix is - and will - change. It's key role, and what it does best, is to create a lot of awareness and very fast. Despite the publicity that TV viewing is falling, it is not so much as falling as fragmenting and who viewers watch is changing. So we see:
- viewing on devices other than the traditional TV set starting to grow (especially among younger viewers who use PCs, devices, on demand services and even game consoles).
- more multi tasking viewing So people are on their smart phones or PCs while "watching" TV discussing, researching or buying based on what they are seeing on screen.
- Growing use of TIVo and Sky+ like services which enable people to fast forward through ads, and programs, that do not stop and engage them.

So, TV ads have to ensure that they make people LOOK UP and look at the ad. This means they need to really attract attention to get people to stop and "lean forward" and watch and (very importantly) to engage and think about the ad. To do this, ads needs to be more entertaining and compelling. The key focus needs to be on creating awareness of the product/ brand and communicating an image or appeal. Then ideally drive those interested online to find out more about the benefits and features - and to buy!

So there is a greater need for ads to really break through. More than ever before. People are no longer passively watching TV and receptive to messages. They need to stop, look up and get engaged.

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Lol. Love the visuals and the effects. I'm sure you can get everyone's attention using this ad. I have to say though, that barbie is a little creepy.

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