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Brands of the World vs CreativeBits - critiques

Hi All,

I didn't want to 'go behind Ivan's back' by posting a forum post on Brands of the World, inviting people over to CB for obvious reasons, but I yearn for the high turnover of logo submissions to the CB critique site that BOTW has.

Both sites have their niche. BOTW is quite fast paced and clinical as opposed to the warm and friendly (mostly) :) atmosphere here on CB. I like both, but feel more at home on here on CB and like all of the people more as there is that climate to develop a rapport.

I feel as if CB has been on the decline since BOTW's critique section was launched, and want this place to become more popular.

If we could just get a small piece of the BOTW action, then that would be a great start. Not sure how we'd do this?

As I stated before, I think that CB and BOTW have different things to offer, so maybe a forum post or even a sidebar advert would be an option? Ivan? Inviting people to bring their artwork over to here for a thorough critique from good people in a more timely fashion.

I'm just thinking out loud here, perhaps rambling a bit and maybe it's a crazy idea, but just wanted to say something and put it out there, as this place aint the same anymore and it's sad, plus in my moments of procrastination, I check the critique section of CB about 5 times a day - what does that say about me ;) and so much more often than not, i'm disappointed with no meat to chew on.

I welcome any thoughts. Thanks.

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If we went with the sidebar advert for example, i'm sure we could get some artwork put together between us? To alleviate any burden on the management, or maybe we could have a contest...

What happened to the contest idea from before?

Maybe we could throw some other ideas on the table, which could add more diversity to CB to give it that edge?

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I don't know what to do myself about this. It would be cool to offer a different and cool solution here on CB in some way.

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is that whats caused the recent silence here. we used to have a couple a day. and now its a couple a week - if that : (

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I discovered CB from BOTW.

BOTW critique ambient is not friendly, It looks like a butcher for me.

The green like and red dislike are still awful, polluted for me.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Tried BOTW critique - didn't like it.

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i dont mind a little heated debate (as qwerty and art d can probably attest to) but too many of these forums are populated by people who dont know what theyre talking about and just want to be asshats.

for the most part, the folks here (at least the regulars) are working professionals and can back up their input with at least some degree of actual experience.

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