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Catering ad-what am I doing wrong?

First ad I've made for a small local paper. The client just wanted an ad to stand out. I looked in at the publication it was to appear in and most, if not all the catering ads look the same: phone numbers in a giant font, action bubbles containing text, zero use of white space. Most notably, each ad seems to have so much info packed into the space provided, regardless of the dimensions.

So I tried to make do the opposite of all those ads and also created a logo for the client as well. Now I'm worried that it looks too plain and that the logo could be a lot better.

If anyone could give me any feedback I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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WAY too much leading in the top main paragraph. it reads like bullet points instead of narrative. and the font choice (is it eras?) screams 1977.

the whole thing needs a more hand crafted look.

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Thanks for taking a look at it. It's eras font. I thought that adding commas and a period would lessen the bullet point look and the leading, and connect it better, but thought it would hurt the right alignment. Didn't think the leading itself would be a problem. Back to the drawing board...

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Bring it over to the critique board next time.

My advice would be use the logo font if you want a hand drawn font too. And the food has to look tasty - nice bright and sunny. This looks very dark and lifeless - you need to add some life to the photos.

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I like the white space but you need to make better use of it.
I worry about the images on newspaper print. Is that the type of substrate we're dealing with? If so, I'd go with one, big image rather than 3 little ones.

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I love read but i hate adversities in a news paper so you plz don't take maxims spec for advertisement.

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