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Wolda Announces Logo Design Winners

Eulda was launched in 2006 as a graphic design award scheme to reward the best logos and trademarks designed in Europe. The competition was subsequently expanded to have an international scope and is known now as Wolda, the Worldwide Logo Design Annual. The competition now includes categories for students and young designers, as well as the ability to submit not just individual logos but logo systems. Giving the awards scheme considerable weight is its endorsement by more than 100 design associations and schools, as well as a broad range of media partners.

Wolda recently announced the winners of its 2009 edition, which includes 92 logos selected from nearly 2,000 entries from all over the world. They're posted on the organization's site but I've included a few of my favorites here. You might recognize the one above, Circus of Magazines, designed by Olivier Courbet, since it not only took home Wolda's Best of the World, Best of Americas and Best of United States awards, but was also an Overall winner in the recent Mediabistro Logo Awards.

Entries are currently being accepted for the Wolda 2010 edition, with this time the winning logos being selected by all participating designers and with winning entries being displayed just on the web site and not in a printed annual, both moves resulting in a lower entry fee of 21 euros.

Logo name: Zonik logo
Nation: United States
Agency: Lippincott
Designer(s): Alex de Janosi, Bogdan Geana
Client: United Electronics

Logo name: OpenMail
Nation: Russian Federation
Designer(s): Vlad Ermolaev

Logo name: Birdlife
Nation: Malta
Agency: Bulldog
Designer(s): Ren Spiteri
Client: Birdlife Malta

Logo name: Asili&Boassa
Nation: Italy
Agency: Asili&Boassa
Designer(s): Stefano Asili
Client: Asili&Boassa

Logo name: Pen & Think
Nation: United Kingdom
Agency: The Consul
Designer(s): Jim Williams, Mark Moran
Client: Pen & Think

Visit the Wolda site

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21 euros? How much is that in real money?

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Real money? That would be $27 Canadian..

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Canadian money? Well it works in the toll booth and vending machines, so I guess that's close enough. :-)

Question... does anyone actually check to see if these are actual companies? Just wondering.

I like Bird Life too even though I have no idea how a kiss applies. Still looks cool though.

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Great logos! The open mail logo could be simplified to be perfect! Agree Birdlife is cute. Pen & Think is great but I would choose another type. I would like to participate on next issue!

yes I'm brazilian xD

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