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Macworld Digital Art Contest accepts entries

San Francisco, CA; September 24, 2004 -- The Macworld Conference & Expo Digital Art Contest is now accepting entries for its 7th Annual Digital Art Contest. This international juried competition is open to all Macintosh digital artists working in 2D and 3D.

Among this year's judges are Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, legendary pop artist Peter Max, NAPP's Scott Kelby, and Adobe's Russell Brown.

30 images will be chosen and premiered at Macworld Conference & Expo at Moscone Center in San Francisco January 11-14, 2005. The gallery will also travel as an exhibition to art galleries across the US and Canada and will be displayed on the Macworld Conference & Expo website.

Digital art and digital graphics related prizes from the contest's many sponsors will be awarded to the winning artists. Companies include, Corel, Wacom, Curious Labs, Pandromeda, IdN, Wacom, Curious Labs, Synthetik, Canto, Iomega, Peachpit Press, SF Flyer Pro, Gluon, MacAddict, Photoshop User, and Allume Systems.

The deadline to enter is November 18, 2004.

For complete information, prize list, judges, rules and regulations and entry form, please see the Macworld Conference & Expo Digital Art Contest and Gallery website at:

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Oh my! That was the Louvre! :cry:

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The Great Quark to InDesign Migration Contest!

We at believe that a change is afoot.

For years QuarkXPress has been the application of choice for print designers and production artists. It was the industry standard. Quark rarely updated the application and migration to full version upgrades was almost always rocky. In spite of this, Quark's hold on the print industry went virtually unchallenged for years... until Adobe InDesign hit the scene.

Now, while facing the growing pains of adopting a Mac OS X workflow and learning the quirks of QuarkXPress 6, many studios are opting to abandon QuarkXPress and turn instead to Adobe InDesign CS for its vast array of features and significant savings (QuarkXPress 6 by itself demands a price similar to the entire Adobe CS collection).

InDesign converts, feeling the joys of their liberation from Quark, evangelize to suffering QuarkXPress users in a way unlike I've seen any group promote software before ... with the possible exception of Mac OS X evangelism...

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