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Conversion of Pantone Shade to CMYK

HI. Coming to the point, I have been searching for a method for conversion of a Pantone Shade to CMYK, but culdn find a result

Can anyone help me find out a CMYK combination of Pantone Shade 328 C [Greenish] & 141 C

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The answer depends entirely on which media you're printing on (and/or proofing towards), which then determines the CMYK separation to use.

Pantone 328C

100,14,62,20 (GRACoL2006_Coated1v2)
100,21,65,21 (SWOP2006_Coated3v2)
100,23,65,22 (SWOP2006_Coated5v2)

Pantone 141C

6,20,68,0 (GRACoL2006_Coated1v2)
8,20,70,0 (SWOP2006_Coated3v2)
6,20,72,0 (SWOP2006_Coated5v2)

The method to determine your 4C separation for any Pantone is pretty simple. Open Photoshop, make new document in the CMYK color space of your press/proofer (SWOP2006_Coated5v2 or U.S. Web Coated (SWOP)v2), choose your Pantone color via color picker and fill your document with that color. Read the CMYK values with eyedropper and you're ready to go.

I'm not certain how Mark323 is getting his numbers but they may correspond to a European separation standard.

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Or you can buy a Pantone swatch book with cmyk breakdowns. It's fairly expensive ($80?) but if you're doing a lot of color translation - well worth the price. It shows you the actual PMS color next to the printed CMYK breakdown which a lot of times is not even close. Good early warning system that you need to pick a new color.

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Tell me about it Art!.... Some of the conversions in the Pantone to Process book are not even close between pigmented inks vs 3-co pro prints.. It's like night and day with some of the PMS colors - But on some its a dead match. if your final intent is output to a 4-color process media, its best to just use the 4-color builds of pantone colors when your making your digital images. Things get even trickier when your digitally printing stuff and not making plates for it to be printed web or offset.

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Are there such things as CMYK swatch books? Obviously it'll be a bit different from press to press but anything that helps me approximate things closely and that's more extensive than 50 colour combinations would be great.

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There are many different kinds of CMYK swatch books - Trumatch is one. But - as noted - Pantone makes one with the PMS color swatch right next to the process equivalent swatch so you can compare the two according to PMS numbers.

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